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Virtual Kids Book Club – March

Have you heard about Mommy and me book clubs – they sound great to me, get together – read a book, do some crafts activities, have some themed food, action games and sing some songs (J and T would love it) and do it every week – well we haven’t got one near me and I would so love to join in so when Toddler Approved suggested joining in with a Virtual Kids Book Club I have jumped at the chance.

The Easter Egg by Jan Brett

This months book is The Easter Egg by Jan Brett – we have ordered the book from Amazon but it is yet to arrive – luckily it’s got a you tube video of it being read which J and I sat together today and were read to by someone else (what a novelty that is).

When we finished we moved to our crafting area and decided to decorate some Easter eggs ourselves. J is very glue orientated at the moment so it was quickly decided that we had to use glue to make our Easter Eggs.

Toddler making Collage Easter Eggs
J deciding what to glue first

I had previously cut some Easter egg shapes out of coloured card and J and I decided to tear up some paper and glitter paper (we’re very into sparkles at the moment) that we could stick to our eggs.

J wanted to use a paint brush with the glue but he is getting really good with control over the brush and chose a very small one so we went with the flow as it’s washable PVA glue it didn’t matter.

Decorating card stock easter eggs
J adding paper to his eggs

Don’t you love watching your kids get crafty – J used 2 different methods to make the collage eggs – the first was to put the glue on the eggs and then stick the paper on, but he alternated this with pasting the glue onto the torn paper to add to the egg.

Toddler decorated Easter Eggs
J's finished eggs

We’ve now got the eggs drying and once dry (yes this is a very last minute post as I was hoping that the book would arrive!) we’re going to make a Happy Easter Banner for our garden. I will post our finished banner onto the facebook page when the eggs are finally dry – toddler use a lot of glue!


  1. Welcome

    I’m Polish. Babylandia blogging.
    I loved the idea of adding links, so I added some of her Easter 🙂
    In a moment on my blog in the “blogging projects” I’ll add your banner.

    We promise you I was looking for.

    Martha mama Nikusia

  2. We loved the video too on youtube and also found one of her talking about her inspirations of real animals to illustrate the book. Your craft would be so cute for a little Easter card to send to grandparents or Aunt & Uncles.

  3. Aah so cute, love the simplicity of those eggs and they look great.

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!

    Maggy & Alissa

  4. What a great idea – don’t think we have one around here either. May do something similar when I do the letter E.

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