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Very Hungry Caterpillar Sensory Bin for Toddlers and Preschoolers

A sensory bin is a fantastic way to connect with a favorite book while practicing fine motor skills. Our Very Hungry Caterpillar sensory bin uses the colors of the caterpillar to practice pouring and scooping. You can also work on the pincer grasp by encouraging your child to pick up the material in the sensory bin. So here we go our simple Very Hungry Caterpillar Inspired Sensory Bin for Toddlers and Preschoolers.

hungry caterpillar sensory bin pin

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

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One of our favorite children’s books is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. We love the illustrations and the story which gives children an insight into the butterfly lifecycle as well as looking at counting and days of the week.

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Materials Needed for the Very Hungry Caterpillar Sensory Bin

Plastic storage bin

Dried chickpeas

Liquid watercolors

Plastic storage bag

Dried peas

Dried lentils (I used 2 different colors.)

Small bowls (I used condiment bowls and a red measuring cup.)

Measuring spoons (regular spoons work as well)

Caterpillar or butterfly toys (I used The Very Hungry Caterpillar plush toy.)

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How to Set Up the Very Hungry Caterpillar Sensory Bin

I actually created two versions of the Very Hungry Caterpillar sensory bin. The first bin uses different colors of dried vegetables (chickpeas, peas, and lentils) to create the caterpillar in the bottom of the bin. Dried peas form most of the caterpillar body. Dyed chickpeas are used for the caterpillars head.

Home dyed Sensory Bin inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar using chick peas, lentils and dried peas

I used liquid watercolors to dye the chickpeas just like I did in our Space Themed Sensory Bin. Place the chickpeas in a plastic storage bag and add a few drops of washable liquid watercolors.

Shake the bag and coat the chickpeas with the color. Pour the colored chickpeas on a tray or container lined with paper towels or newspaper. The colored chickpeas will dry pretty quickly.

I used purple dyed chickpeas for the caterpillar’s antennae. I added two different colors of lentils and some blue dyed chickpeas for the hairs on the caterpillar.

Preschoolers measuring and pouring dried peas in a Very Hungry Caterpillar inspired sensory bin

In the middle of the sensory bin, I placed a small bowl and a measuring spoon.

For the second Very Hungry Caterpillar sensory bin, I added the dried peas to one side of the bin and the red chickpeas to the far right. The dyed purple chickpeas went to the top right corner. The lentils were sprinkled around the top and bottom.

In the bin, I placed 4 small bowls to represent the caterpillar’s body and a red measuring cup to represent the caterpillar’s head.

Eric Carle and the Very Hungry Caterpillar inspired easy to set up Sensory Bin for Tots

I added a caterpillar puzzle piece, the Very Hungry Caterpillar stuffed toy, and a butterfly to the bin as well as a couple measuring spoons.

Fill the bowls to make the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

easy set up for a Very Hungry Caterpillar sensory bin for toddlers to work on fine motor skills and scooping pouring

The goal of these sensory bins is to encourage your child to scoop and pour the dried peas and lentils.

Work on the pincer grasp by having your child use his thumb and forefinger to pick up the chickpeas.

Working on fine motor skills with a Very Hungry Caterpillar inspired sensory bin for toddlers and preschoolers

You can practice counting and measuring skills, too. How many tablespoons of green peas does it take to fill a bowl?

Toddler pouring peas in a sensory bin inspired by Eric Carle's Very Hungry Caterpillar

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Set up of a taste safe toddler sensory bin inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar
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