A Toddler letter to Santa

Writing your Christmas letter to Santa and sending it what ever your family tradition is – posting it, sending it up the chimney or leaving it for Santa on Christmas eve to read this is a great way for your pre-writers to start the tradition and a fun activity to find out what they really want.

a toddler letter to santa

What you need to write to Santa

A glue Stick
Catalogue with items that the child likes
Piece of Paper
Some glitter glue or stickers to decorate

How you go about writing a letter to Santa with Toddlers

I spent an amount of time with J this afternoon sitting with the catalogue looking at the different items in it. It was an interesting activity in itself as I thought he would have pointed to everything in sight but what you see on the finished letter is the only things that he pointed out.

We then sat down at the table and I wrote out for him

Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like

Love J

Even though this is a prewriting activity for toddlers, them seeing you write is critcial to the writing process so where ever possible include writing even if it’s their name on a piece of work and in this case it was the start and ending of a letter.

I left a huge space in the middle of the paper for him to stick the items down. Together we tore the stuff out of the catalogue (it was one that we had a duplicate of and we could have done it with the leaflets that come through the door.

I then let J lose with the glue stick and he stuck the pictures to the paper. He found it easier to put the glue on the large piece of paper and then add the pictures to it. Once he had put the pictures on he then decorated the letter with glitter glue (well it wouldn’t be Christmas without glitter would it).

letter to santa

We’re then going to post it to the Royal Mail Santa address tomorrow. I don’t know whether something similar operates in another country but in the UK you can post to an address supplied by the Royal Mail and they will respond with a letter.

I have also created a letter and made a donation to the NSPCC Letter from Santa this is a great way to support the work of a valuable charity and also provide an extra special letter for your child at Christmas which is personalised from Santa delivered by Rudolph post. T being under 12 months gets an extra special “My first Christmas letter”

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  1. Thank you very much for this wonderful article! I believe that all parents should write a letter to Santa with their children. After all, it gives the child faith in a miracle, and makes childhood unforgettable, fun and wonderful. Even many years later, I remember my mother sitting with me, and wrote in a letter to Santa all my wishes and gifts that I want to get for Christmas. It’s also a great idea, because you can find out what kind of gift your child wants to get for Christmas. Thank you for sharing such a positive and interesting type of content!

  2. Kate @ Puddles and Gumboots says:

    This is such a clever idea as a way for toddlers to participate in writing letters to Santa too. Thank you for sharing this with my making magical Christmas Memories linky!

  3. I love this idea, this way you get to see what they really want too.

  4. Oh my! How ADORABLE!! I tell you.. mine could spend HOURS making one these Santa letters!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


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