Toddler Crafts and Activities

The toddler years are one of my favourite years to get crafty and creative with kids. It's also a great time to start to introduce a little learning in a fun and playful way.

Pinterest is full of ideas but when you get down and start to try them with your toddlers you may find like we did back in 2011 how the expectations from the images used are well beyond what a toddler will achieve.
Since 2011 we have been trying out these toddler activities and crafts with our own kids, those borrowed from friends and sending out ideas for some of our readers to try with their toddlers to to check that the ideas work with those starting to walk through to 3 year olds.

Easy Salt Dough Decorations to Make with Toddlers
One of our favourite advent activity with toddlers is to make Salt Dough decorations. Salt dough is one of our favourite materials[...]
Easy Grinch Ornament Craft for Toddlers
We're all about the Grinch at the moment with the new movie coming out soon and Christmas around the corner[...]
Simple and Easy Toddler Crafts
Crafting with your toddlers is a simple and fun way to spend quality time together. It's also a great way[...]
Simple Halloween Skeleton Craft for Toddlers
We love creating simple Halloween Crafts with the toddlers here on Rainy Day Mum and these Mini Skeletons are ideal.[...]
30 Days Hands-on Autumn Play, Craft and Learn Challenge for your Toddler and Preschoolers
Would you like to have a plan for ideas of activities, crafts and fun to do with your toddler and[...]
Simple Preschool Apple Science Investigation Using the 5 Senses
Autumn is apple season and it is a great time to try a simple apple science investigation. For preschoolers, it's[...]
Fun and Simple Halloween Crafts for Toddlers
Halloween can be quite a scary time for little ones but you can make it fun and a lot less[...]
Simple Apple Tree Sensory Bag for Toddlers and Preschoolers
As we start to go into autumn apple season is in full swing. It is a perfect start of the[...]
Ladybug Craft for Toddlers and Preschoolers – Pretty Suncatcher for the Window
We love making suncatchers here in the Rainy Day Mum house, they are easy to make and low mess (which[...]
Top Tips for Camping with Toddlers
If you have never camped with toddlers, listen up. Camping with toddlers is hit or miss. Sometimes you win the[...]
Fun Beach Games for Toddlers That the Whole Family will Love to Play
Heading to the beach with a toddler can be lots of fun and eye-opening to see their wonder at this[...]
Space Themed Sensory Bin
Sensory bins are a great way for kids to practice fine motor skills, you can limit the amount of mess[...]
Summer Sensory Bins Ideas for Toddlers
The sun is shining and it's summertime at last and your toddlers need to play and you're all out of[...]
Solar Print Dinosaur Footprints for Kids to Make
We love exploring more about dinosaurs and how we know what they we like here on Rainy Day Mum, as[...]
Dinosaur Small World Play in the Water Table
We are starting our annual storybook summer with a week of Dinosaur Activities for kids. Dinosaurs are such a fun[...]

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