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The Best Nativity Costumes for your Preschool Nativity Show

It’s that time of the year when preschools, schools and churches are gearing up towards the festive season and start to prepare. Some may have costume sets available but as I have found out this isn’t always the case and we have had to help put together costumes for the nativity shows that my children have taken part in over the last few years. I know I am not alone in this and to help you out I’ve put together this guide for the best nativity costumes for your preschoolers. And whilst you read this I go off and look for everything that I need for my youngest to be a camel in this year’s nativity play.

Best Nativity costumes to DIY or buy for Children. With ideas for all the characters, these are easy DIY's to anyone can make for the Nativity Show.
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Make your Own

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It’s amazing what you can rustle up with a tea towel and some rope and we have been known to create our own costumes a time or two. These DIY Nativity Costumes are great for make your own.

This no-sew nativity costume from Bubba Blue and Me is just the easiest I have seen and perfect for a lot of the characters especially Ink Keepers, Joseph and the Shepherds.

Another no-sew costume this time from Adventures in Mommydom – this comes complete with a no-sew beard but leave that off and you have a really easy costume you can make for angels, Mary and some of the other characters too.

This simple pattern for a nativity costume from Mama Smiles will cover you for most parts of the people in the nativity show and although some sewing is involved it’s really simple and no problem to make.

Not all of the characters are human though and these DIY Lamb and Sheep masks from Kids Craft Room are perfect for the sheep and lamb parts in the Nativity show. With the mask made give this DIY Sheep Costume from Pretty Real a try and you will have the full costume.

Help your children learn about the Nativity Story with these easy to make Nativity Story Stones.

Whenever there are lots of children you always end up with a lot of Shepherds so I’ve included another easy Shepherd’s Costume from Jennifer’s Little World.

For some reason, my brother was always a Wise Man or one of the Three Kings in the Nativity Plays we did growing up. So patterns like these for Beard’s from Doodlecraft were always very useful to have at hand. And no wiseman would be without his crown and this DIY Wiseman’s Crown from Somewhat Simple looks great and can be used again and again.

Just like my brother was a wise man I was always an angel so having a set of wings like these DIY Angel wings from The Craft Train and a DIY Halo from Attempting Aloha where made each year.

As I said my daughter is a Camel this year so this tutorial on How to Make a Nativity Camel Costume from Livingdoing is coming in very handy at the moment.

Although the sheep, camel and donkey are the most common animals you find in the Nativity Play you may also find yourself having to make a cow costume too. This post from Wally and Grace Designs has full tutorials on making a Donkey Costume DIY and a Cow Costume DIY.

The ideas above are great – but if sewing is your superpower then this Simplicity Set of Nativity Costumes is ideal for you to use and create the full set of Nativity Costumes for the show. Don’t worry if it’s a church group you are producing there are Nativity Costumes for with a wider age range like this set of patterns for Teens and Adults.

collage of different views of the Nativity story sequencing cards from Rainy Day Mum

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Nativity Costumes to Buy

Best Nativity costumes to DIY or buy for Children. With ideas for all the characters, these are easy DIY's to anyone can make for the Nativity Show.

Not everyone has the time or skills to make their own and there are plenty of options available to purchase. If you are a bit of a last minute shopper then don’t forget to sign up for Prime where you can sign up and Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial. With next day delivery on many items ordered before a certain time, it certainly helps with those last minute costume buys.

The following are our favourite costumes we found that can be brought – we’ve taken into account look of the costume, cost and sizing

Mary Costume (for 3 – 8 years)

Joseph or Shepherd Costume

Alternative Shepherd Costume

Blue Wiseman – also available burgundy and purple

Angel Costume

Lamb Costume

Donkey Costume

Camel Costume

Set of Nativity Animals

Star Costume

More Ideas for Nativity Themed Crafts and Learning

Create these beautiful simple and natural Nativity ornaments with kids. Spend time talking about the true meaning of Christmas as you craft together.

Make these simple peg doll Nativity Characters

Create your own Nativity Story Stones to help children understand the true meaning of Christmas. These simple stones are easy to make.
Use these Nativity Story Stones to Retell the Christmas Story.

Pin these Nativity Costume Ideas to Come Back to Later

Best Nativity costumes to DIY or buy for Children. With ideas for all the characters, these are easy DIY's to anyone can make for the Nativity Show.

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Best Nativity costumes to DIY or buy for Children. With ideas for all the characters, these are easy DIY's to anyone can make for the Nativity Show.
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  1. Thanks for including mine. There’s some interesting variations – it’s always stressful for time poor/non-sewers, but thankfully this year, N just needs pyjamas, onesie and slippers.

    1. Now that sounds like the perfect costume – I love when you get dress as a “child” or something similar.

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