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Chocolate Chip Dinosaur Cookies

Welcome to June’s Summer Virtual Book Club – This month’s book club author is Mo Willems. Having never read any books by him, I searched through Amazon Children’s Books and found a book that I knew J would love because of it’s theme. So our Mo Willems book is Edwina the Dinosaur that Didn’t know she was extinct.

J and I sat down and read through the book with some our dinosaur friends and then we talked about what we could do from the book. I am really liking the age that J is as he’s starting to make suggestions for crafts and activities that he would like to do instead of it always being led by me. He decided that he needed to make some Dinosaur Chocolate Chip cookies to share with his friends just like Edwina did in the story.

Sample pictures of just 3 of the printable dinosaur activities and games available on the rainy day mum printable store.

I searched through my cookie bible (yes I actually have a cookie bible as we do love our cookies) but I turned to our favourite no egg shortbread recipe as T is very into helping at the moment and still at the stage of tasting anything new. J loves to help me mix the dough together (but as we do our baking on a week day I don’t have any pictures of J and I working together to share) and then we had fun splitting the dough. We split the dough up as with one set we wanted to decorate it with chocolate chip scales and spines on their back and with the other set we wanted to add chocolate chips to the cookie dough.

dinosaur cookies
J decorating his cookies with very tasty chocolate chips

J and I cut out some dinosaurs from the plain cookie dough which had been in the fridge for an hour and then I gave him some bowls of chocolate chips – I was fortunate that I had plain, milk and white chocolate chips which J started to add to the dinosaurs and then realised that he actually quite liked the taste of the chocolate chips. We eventually managed to get spines and scales added to the dinosaurs and into the oven.

chocolate chip cookies
Our dinosaur cookies in the oven

With the other batch of dough – J and I had fun kneading in some chocolate chip cookies and then rolling it out flat so that we could cut out some dinosaur shapes. With the few left over chocolate chips J ate them up in an instant. He then cut out the dinosaur shapes.

Cooking cutter dinosaurs
J cutting out the dinosaur chocolate chip cookies — with tell tale chocolate around his mouth from his discovery of how nice chocolate chips are.

We then put them in the oven and got out our decorated cookies and waited for them to cool. J finds this so hard especially as he loves cookies and chocolate so had decided already that he would like these and want to try them. Once they had cooled J had one and we put them on a plate to share with our friends just like Edwina the dinosaur who didn’t know she was extinct did.

Dinosaur Chocolate Chip Cookies
Our Mo Willems Edwina the Dinosaur who didn’t know she was extinct inspired chocolate chip cookies

We would love for you to join in with us and welcome you to link up Mo Willems inspired crafts, activities and posts to the link below. Pop over to the co-hosts blogs to see which other books by Mo Willems are being featured and to check out the crafts and activities that are being shared.


  1. The cookies not only looked good they also tasted good. Well done J.

    1. Thank you and thank you so much for inspiring The Mommy and Me Book Clubs I love it – we’ve started our own mini one once a week with my friend

  2. Mo Willems is the bset! Adorable cookies πŸ™‚

  3. These cookies look yummy! Your pictures are wonderful, too! Looks like fun was had by J. πŸ™‚

  4. these dinosaur cookies look great & looks like J had lots of fun making them…thanks for linking up

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