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Simple Sugar Plum Fairy Gift Tags Made with Cupcake Liners

Our last Nutcracker Craft for Kids is a really simple one for kids to make. It’s part of our Storybook Advent this year and we are going to make our own Sugar Plum Fairy Gift Tags using folded paper. Such a simple craft but really easy to do and looks fantastic on some Christmas Presents wrapped in brown paper.

DIY Sugar Plum Fairy Gift Tags part of The Nutcracker Storybook Advent on Rainy Day Mum

When I was a little girl I wasn’t familiar with the Nutcracker.

I didn’t grow up in a house where people knew anything about classical music or the ballet. Saturday nights in our house were spent watching the hockey game on TV, not attending the ballet. However, when I was about 10 years old my best friend gave me a lovely, little book for Christmas – Nutcracker by E.T.A. Hoffman.

While the book was small, the illustrations were beautifully detailed and the text pulled me into the magical world of Marie and Fritz. I still have that book and read it with my daughters every holiday season.

Nutcracker Inspired Gift Tags for Kids to Make

When I took my eldest daughter to see the Nutcracker ballet about 10 years ago she too was captivated by the story. About fifteen minutes into the ballet she whispered one simple question into my ear, “Mommy, when are they going to talk?” I replied that there are no words in ballet – they speak through dance. I love reliving those sweet memories as we re-read the book every year.

So, to celebrate our love of the story of the Nutcracker we decided to make festive Sugar Plum Fairy gift tags for all of our Christmas presents this year. The sweet little ballerinas are sure to bring a smile to our friends’ and family’s faces.

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Materials needed for these Sugar Plum Fairy Gift Tags

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How to make Sugar Plum Fairy Gift Tags

Simple paper Craft DIY gift tags to make with kids inspired by the Nutcracker
  1. Cut the card stock into rectangles 13 cm x 7.5cm.
materials needed for making DIY gift tags with kids

2. Now it’s time to draw a ballerina onto the gift tag. Make certain she has a long torso…as that is where the tutu will be attached.

3. Draw any other decorations you like…my girls drew sprigs of holly.

Origami paper folded for handmade gift tags

4. Next, it is time to make the sugar plum fairy tutu skirts. Cut the decorative paper into 7.5cm x 14cm pieces.

5. Accordion fold the paper, folding the short side.

6. Once the decorative paper is folded, fold the paper in half and secure with a piece of double-sided tape.

Sugar Plum Fairy Gift Tags for Kids to Make

7. To fasten the tutu to the paper, place a piece of double-sided tape across the ballerina’s torso and press the tutu into place.

simple Nutcracker Sugar Plum Fairy Gift Tags for Kids to Make with origami paper

Finally, it is time to write a personal message to the gift recipient and use the double-sided tape to secure the tag to the gift.

Finished Nutcracker Sugar Plum Fairy Gift Tags for Kids to Make

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  1. Personalize ideas like these always become beautiful. Everybody gets to appreciate the little gesture you do for them. This is the best way to celebrate holiday.

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