Storybook Summer

4 weeks of fun crafts and activities for kids to do at home over the summer at your own pace

Join us this year for 4 weeks of storybook based summer time fun for kids. With a mix of art, crafts, activities, learning and outdoor adventures these easy to do activities will help you and your children connect, create and enjoy reading during the summer.

4 Popular Themes for Summer Creativity and Learning

What you can expect when you sign up for Storybook Summer

  • 5 Days of activities sent to your inbox each week
  • FREE Summer reading log with THEMED pages and a generic page to use all summer long
  • Extended activities and crafts from our site and others around the world at the end of each week if you wish to continue that theme for longer
Explore colour theory with this simple experiment that involves no mess - bringing the classic childrens storybook Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni to life whilst learning at the same time.

Why Storybook Summer is Great for your Family?

Slow down your summer and enjoy it. Spend quality time with the kids dipping into some fun ways that you can read, connect, create and enjoy books this summer whilst keeping learning up through the summer months and stopping the summer slide.

See a Sample of the Activities and Crafts for Storybook Summer

When does Storybook Summer Start?

The first week of Storybook Summer is 19th June 2017.


You can join at any time throughout the year. The emails will feed into your inbox starting with your FREE reading log and then your daily activities plus weekly extra's.

All you need to do is sign up below and the welcome email will appear in your inbox with a link to your summer reading log and all the information you need to get ready.

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