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Junk Model Space Rocket Craft for Kids

In this last week of Story Book Summer we’re sharing Space themed books and activities bringing them alive. Today I welcome the Fairy and the Frog to Rainy Day Mum to share a fun craft to bring ‘Whoops! But it wasn’t me’ by Lauren Child alive.

Junk model Space Rocket

Space Book For Kids

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Whoops! But it wasn’t me’ is the tale of Charlie and Lola and Charlie’s very special handmade space rocket. Unfortunately, although Charlie warns Lola that it is extremely breakable she can’t resist touching it. Lola then has a big dilemma

We love the Charlie and Lola series by Lauren Child. With their quirky illustrations and humorous writing there is often a moral message in the book without being too patronising. The Fairy and The Frog also love the fact that Charlie and Lola live in a flat like us.

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We have included affiliate links to some of the products and resources as an associate we may earn from qualifying purchases.

Plastic Bottle Space Rocket Craft for Preschoolers

We are big fans of junk modelling. It a great way to encourage creativity with the added bonus of also recycling at the same time.  Junk models are fun to make for their own sake, they can also make a great addition to pretend play. We decided to make some junk model rockets to pretend to be astronauts with.

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Materials Needed for Junk Model Space Rocket

Some junk. We used empty see through drinks bottles

Some paint 

Some PVA glue

Some stickers to decorate

Ribbon and sticky (scotch) tape

Space Themed Printables in Store Now!

How to Make a Paint Pour Rocket From a PLastic Bottle

Pour some paint and PVA glue into the bottle and shake(make sure you reattach he lid well before shaking!) We went out side for this step just to make sure. After lots of shaking the inside of the bottle will be covered in paint (and you don’t have to worry about it pealing off).

Junk model Space Rocket

Decorate with stickers and attach the ribbons to the base with tape. We used masking tape as we have some in our junk modelling store (as its much easier to paint over we use it with all our junk modelling).

Junk model Space Rocket

We then blasted off into space.

We then decided to practise throwing the rockets (I think we were inspired by the commonwealth games).

Junk model Space Rocket

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