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St. Patrick’s Day Lower and Uppercase Letter Matching Game for Preschoolers

Want to add a little St Patrick’s Day Fun to your hands-on learning with your preschoolers. Then use these simple alphabet clip cards for a fun matching upper and lowercase letter game to help with them learning to read and write. So here you go a simple St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Matching Upper and Lowercase Letters Game for Preschoolers.

A tray set up for a clip game to match upper and lower case letters for St Patrick's Day

Alphabet Clip Cards

This simple to prep activity will help children strengthen their skills when it comes to identifying and pairing up the lower and uppercase versions of the alphabet. As well as working on fine motor skills and the pencil grip.

We’ve produced a set of 52 cards that you can print and then use in with your preschooler with this printable alphabet matching game. Each Shamrock contains a letter in either capital form or lowercase which then is provided with 3 alternatives to match it to.

preschool clip cards for St Patrick's Day with Upper and Lowercase Letters


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Shamrock Alphabet Matching Printable

Printer – we use an Epson EcoTank ET-7700 for all of the printable activities and games on Rainy Day Mum

Laminator (optional)

Wooden clothespins

Glue stick or adhesive squares

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Preparation for your Alphabet Clip Cards

  1. Print out the Shamrock Alphabet Match activity pages. (Printing in “high quality” is suggested to allow the colors to print vibrant and true.)
  2. Laminate the printable pages for added to durability, if desired. This is suggested if it will be used in a classroom or for several years with various children.
  3. Separate shamrock alphabet cards with scissors. Cut out the leprechaun images and adhere them to clothespins using a glue stick or small adhesive squares. Store pieces in a large zip bag to keep everything together.
  4. Create an appealing setup to draw children into this learning activity by placing the uppercase shamrock cards on a tray or baking sheet in a learning station. You may choose to put the leprechaun clothespins in a nearby bowl or you can clip them onto the edges of the tray.
st patrick's day alphabet game set up for play

We added some gold pom poms and a baking tray for our alphabet center.

preschool activities St Patricks day alphabet clip card set


Ask learners to help the leprechaun find the matching lowercase letter for each uppercase shamrock card or the other way around.

preschooler pointing out the matching letters on the alphabet clipcards

Once they identify the match, ask them to clip the leprechaun clothespin on the corresponding lowercase square on the card. Then repeat for the rest of the cards.

preschooler clipping the matching lowercase letter to the uppercase letter on a St Patrick's Day Themed Alphabet clip card activity


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