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Fun and Easy St Patrick’s Day Activities for Toddlers

It’s that time of year again and spring is on the horizon. It should be warming up soon and St Patrick’s Day is around the corner. To help you celebrate the occasion with your toddlers and preschoolers we’ve put together some of our favourite activities for you and them to enjoy together. So here you go our pick of the most fun St Patrick’s Day for Preschoolers and Toddlers to enjoy with you.

A collage of 5 activities from Rainy Day Mum of St Patrick's Day Activities for toddlers including making soda bread and a free printable St Patrick's Day Board Game to play.

St Patrick’s Day Activities for Young Kids

We have lots of different activities, from baking to learning so why not try some of these below and enjoy. So why not look to see and pick your favourite fun St Patrick’s Day Activity to start.

St Patrick's Day Activities for Little Kids pinterest image from Rainy Day Mum

Make Soda Bread

little girl making marks in the top of the dough of homemade soda bread for St Patrick's Day she made at home

If you only do 1 thing and nothing else with your little Leprechaun it’s got to be to make some delicious and easy soda bread. The recipe is so simple and you can see our little one got right involved with it and had fun kneading the dough and then of course eating it afterward.

St Patrick’s Day Rhyme

a set of 5 little shamrock puppets hand made to use whilst singing st patrick's day songs and rhymes

We love singing rhymes and songs and this set of Shamrock Puppets you can make ahead of time and then use to sing along with the rhyme 5 Little Shamrocks (watch it below). We have even more songs and rhymes for St Patrick’s Day to sing with your little one including lyrics and videos.

St Patrick’s Day Game

St Patrick's day printable board game to play with toddlers and preschoolers

Games are always fun as you get to spend time together with your little ones as well as them learning to take turns, how to lose and also how to win gracefully. This FREE Printables St Patrick’s Day Board Game is fun to play and easy too. Ideal for a quick few minutes together to calm down or to start your day.

Why not add some reading to your St Patrick’s Day activities with our Best St Patrick’s Day Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers there are a few that will help your little ones learn all about Ireland and the Irish Culture.

St Patrick’s Day Salt Dough Shamrock

Easy coloured salt dough decorations to make for St Patrick's Day perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to get creative and create something that lasts.

Whether you call the a clover leaf or a Shamrock this St Patrick’s Day Salt Dough decoration is great for little ones to make and uses just 3 simple ingredients. We’ve kept ours plain but you could easily add some glitter or even use finger paints to decorate it.

St Patrick’s Day Letter Match

invitation to learn tray set up for St Patrick's Day with upper and lower case letter match cards and clothes pins with leprechauns on to match the letters.

Support your toddlers and preschoolers as they learn with this FREE Printable St Patrick’s Day Upper and Lowercase Letter Match Activity. With your toddlers work on just the letters that make up their name, with preschoolers introduce as many as you think they will know and add in a few more to help extend their vocabulary. This is a simple fine motor and literacy activity that you can set up and return to time and time again.

Rainbow Sensory Play

balls of colourful play dough made with jell-o alongside 2 boxes of the jell-o

Set up some simple St Patrick’s Day rainbow fun with homemade playdough. This recipe for Jell-O playdough is ideal as not only do you get fantastically bright colors but each ball of dough also smells amazing too! Add in some gold coins, pots and let your child enjoy.

Make your Own Rainbow Game

toddler and preschooler sitting playing a handmade rainbow game with movement cards together with mom at the kitchen table

Get your little ones involved in making your own game. These 2 had so much fun creating this rainbow game to find the pot of gold at the end of it as well as coming up with their own activities to do when they landed on each of the colors. Why don’t you have a go with your little ones as well see how to make your own rainbow board game and follow the instructions.

st patrick's day activities for toddlers and preschoolers collage. Images include making soda bread, a board game that is a free printable, letter matching activities, rhyme puppets and rainbow homemade playdough

Looking for more ideas for toddlers and preschoolers to do these are from some of our favourites sites:

Others Ideas for St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick's Day Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers pinnable image from Rainy Day Mum
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