Sensory play is one of our favourite ways to play. Whether it’s in the water table outside or sitting playing with some edible playdough making spider’s webs it’s a great way to learn. To make it easy for you to find all of our ideas we’ve put them together in one easy place for you to find. So here you go our Favourite Rainy Day Sensory Play Ideas for Kids.

sensory play with playdough and other materials for kids, kids hands moulding playdough mixed up colours

Homemade Playdough

Playdough is without a doubt our favourite material we love how simple it is to make at home and how much cheaper it as well. From our simple how to make playdough in 5 minutes to edible playdough that is great for those kids that love to put everything in their mouths these are our favourite playdough recipes to make at home.

Sensory Bins & Tubs

Containing the sensory play can be an issue, so one of the best ways we’ve found to set up sensory play with our kids is using tubs or plastic bins. They can be as big or as small as you want and are perfect for containing the mess and having a lid means that you can store them and bringing them out time and time again.

Check out these ideas for simple sensory bins and tubs that your kids will love.

Other Sensory Play Materials To Make at Home

Although we love playdough there are other materials that you can make at home for sensory play here’s some of our favourites.