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Seed Books for Young Kids

Whether you are working on a plant unit? Or are you just looking for fun ways to teach your kids about seeds then these books are a great place to start! These books are a mix of fiction and nonfiction that will help your kids learn all about different seeds, the plants that come from them, and how they are dispersed. If you’re looking for a book for your classroom, home library, or a great read-aloud to share with your kids these seed books are fantastic for kids.

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Books about Seeds for Kids

Whether you are introducing seeds in the spring when talking about plants growing or looking at seeds in the autumn as they fall and disperse these books are great to add to your nature table, book basket or to strew around to spark some interest these books about seeds are a great starting point.

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National Geographic Readers: Seed to Plant

Your kids will get to learn all about the plants that they come into contact with every day! National Geographic Readers: Seed to Plant will take them on a journey from pollination to plant growth in this fun interactive book.

The Magic School Bus Plants Seeds: A Book About How Living Things Grow

Join Ms. Fizzle and her class in The Magic School Bus Plants Seeds: A Book About How Living Things Grow as they grow a beautiful garden, and go inside of a flower to learn all about how living things grow.

The Tiny Seed

The bright and colorful illustrations combined with the simple text help craft a fascinating story about the life cycle of a flower in the classic Eric Carle book The Tiny Seed by following the adventures of a tiny seed.

Oh, the Seeds you can Sow

Learn about the value of planting even just a few seeds in the world and how a seed so small can create such big change in this wonderful book Oh, the Seeds You Can Sow.

Planting a Rainbow

With Planting a Rainbow a fun and educational book you will help your children understand how to plant seeds, and bulbs and how to nurture them to grow.

Seed Activity Pack

How about extending the learning about seeds with our complete Seed Germination Activity Pack, it includes some simple journal ideas, sequencing, and counting activities so kids of multiple ages can join together.

seed journal and activities printables showing the pages from Rainy Day Mum Shop

Seed Germination Activity Pack ~ $5.00

Project pack for kids to explore seed germination and plant growth.

A Seed is Sleepy

Invite your children to take a look at the complex and surprising world of seeds. A Seed Is Sleepy will introduce them to an array of seed and plant facts and explore the world of seeds.

From Seed to Plant

Teach your kids about where plants come from with From Seed to Plant a book that will introduce your little readers to pollination, seed formation, and germination.

Seeds (Plant Parts)

Discover the science of seeds and learn how they spread in Seeds (Plant Parts), it expands on how they grow, and the plants that they eventually turn into.

The Seed who was Afraid to be Planted

The Seed Who Was Afraid to Be Planted is a rhyming story tells the tale of a seed who lives in fear of being removed from the drawer where he lives with the other seeds.

Seed and Plant Activities

Looking to do some activities with these books then check out these activity ideas below.

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