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Scaredy Squirrel inspired learning activities

We’re having so much fun exploring the Woodland this week for Storybook Summer and welcome fantastic new bloggers to guest post on Rainy Day Mum. Today we welcome Kristin from smartEpartE.com to share some fun learning activities for the book Scaredy Squirrel [affiliate link] so over to Kristin.

Fun tot and preschool learning activities to connect with the book Scaredy Squirrel by Melanie Watt.

Hi! I am Kristin from smartEpartE.com and I am quite honored to be part of the Woodland week for Storybook Summer on Rainy Day Mum. Today I am sharing some printable activities to go along with the book Scaredy Squirrel!

We were first introduced to Scaredy Squirrel [affiliate link] by Mélanie Watt from a collection of Scholastic stories on Netflix. (Unfortunately, this has been recently removed from their service!) Anyway, we love this series of books about this creative and cautious woodland creature. I appreciate how the books acknowledge anxiety and fears without discounting them. Scaredy Squirrel has extensive plans, puts so much thought into how to deal with his concerns, and shows the joy he feels when finding solutions. And in the end, the fears are never discounted or ignored; they are welcomed and respected. I love the message.

In the original book, Scaredy Squirrel, the titular character, does not want to leave his nut tree for fear of “the unknown.” He addresses his fears (from sharks to green Martians), the items in his emergency kit, and his plans for dealing with the unexpected.

As his tree is a central element of the book, I wanted to highlight it in a Scaredy Squirrel printable! Enjoy it and a couple more below. All three of these activities have two different ways to learn with each one.

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Nut Tree ABC Match

Inspired by other great printables out there, this nut tree provides a fun way to learn about letters. Print the tree out in color and see ten circles, each containing a different lower case letter. From there you have two options: print out the sheet of capital letters for matching, or make it a little harder by encouraging your child to write the matching letters on the blank nuts.

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Nut & Tree Matching/Flash Cards

The tree and nuts star in another printable, this time about math! These beginner addition cards can be used as either flash cards or a matching game.

Cut each pair as is, fold on the line and tape, glue or laminate to make easy flash cards! Or, trim the sum away from the nut and tree math problem to make a quick matching game.

In the Woods Sorting

Other than Scaredy Squirrel, what can you find in the woods? In this activity, your child can cut out the items found in the book and glue them on the chart. It offers a nice opportunity to chat about if a certain item, such as bug spray, is something you would find in the woods.

It may be hard to tell what the graphics represent, especially if you are unfamiliar with the book. So to tell what is poison ivy, bug spray, and so on, check out the “reference page” in the pack. It shows each item with its name underneath, and if you prefer, you can use it for sorting.

Looking for other ways to learn with Scaredy Squirrel? His daily schedule is front and center in this book, so exploring the days of the week or digital vs. analog times would be interesting. You could also sort Scaredy’s fears or take a closer look at what is in his emergency kit.

I hope you like these printables! Please check out Scaredy Squirrel’s other adventures, such as Scaredy Squirrel at Night!

Thanks again to Cerys for this opportunity to join her Storybook Summer Woodland Week. Thanks for reading, and, happy reading!

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