Santa Collage for Toddlers

With Christmas around the corner. We’ve started on the Christmas themed crafts and yesterday we made a Santa Collage. Collage’s are a great way to use lots of different skills with Toddlers and J loves getting messy and using different equipment. As Santa is featuring heavily in his vocabulary at the moment it was a perfect opportunity to introduce it and we talked about what Santa does whilst we made the collage.

Santa Collage for ToddlersWhat you need to make a Santa Collage

PVA Glue
Tissue Paper
Cotton Wool Balls
Crayons or Paint

How you make a Santa Collage with your Toddler

I quickly drew a very rough santa outline for J and I to use as the basis for our collage – it doesn’t matter how bad or good an artist you are – the benefit for having a toddler is that they think your drawing is amazing what ever it is like.

Toddler Finer Motor skill tissue paper scrunching
J tearing the tissue paper for Santa’s hat

Using red tissue paper we did J’s favourite tearing activity and tore the tissue paper into small pieces – then put the pieces to the side so we could glue the hat of the santa. J tried to keep within the lines but it really didn’t matter if it went over the lines as we will be cutting out the dry santa to put it on the wall.

Toddler Santa Collage
Santa’s Collage Hat with scrunched up tissue paper

Then I gave J a piece of tissue paper which he scrunched up and we put on the hat to colour in the hat red. J loved this bit as he got to “Scrunch”.

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We then chose a pompom for Santa’s nose – luckily I have a cold at the moment so looking at mummy’s nose meant that we were able to have a Santa without a Green nose which was his first choice however it does mean that instead of the nice flesh coloured pompom that I thought we would use we have a very pink one.

Chritmas Craft for Toddlers
Our Santa Collage

Then came J’s favourite part – He glued all over Santa’s beard area and then added cotton wool balls to make the beard, then the hat and a pom pom onto the hat as well.

We then used crayons and decorated the face with pink and hung it up to dry. This was the first time we had done a mixed collage but J loved it so much we will be doing some more in the future and it gave us a great opportunity to discuss what Santa does. Now just to tackle the fact that “Christmas is Santa’s birthday”


  1. Suzi Newton says:

    I’m on a mission to fill Charley’s art space with Christmas craftiness… this looks great… I love his explanation of Christmas is Santas Birthday… more believable than the ‘real’ meaning imo lol

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