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Salt Dough Coaster – a perfect grandparents gift

We’re trying to make some presents to give to family this year and for J and T’s Nannie and Granddad we’ve made some salt dough coasters for their tea cups.

DIY Gift for Kids to make

As a child I made my parents a coaster out of clay at school – properly kiln dried and then glazed and I really hope that my kids get the opportunity to make something like that for us when they go to school, however at home we don’t have a kiln and with J and T being 3 and under it was easier to make something up with Salt dough.

I used our Quickest Ever Salt dough Recipe and made up a batch according to the recipe there.

Making Patterns in salt dough

J rolled out the dough for us making it quite thick (well we don’t want it to crack with the heat of a mug on it) and then using a circular cutter (I have a set for pie making) we cut out 3 circles (one for us to keep).

Then using a variety of different things we made marks in the top – T and J created their own designs and then we put them in our microwave. Now because the dough was very thick I knew we needed to be careful to cook them in the microwave. Instead of 3 minutes I put them in on 30 seconds at a time and turned them after each 30 seconds until they were fully dry. None of them bubbled or burnt because of this.

Salt Dough gifts

We then got some pearl acrylic paints and set about painting them – green for Granddad and purple for Nannie. I put them on the side to dry and now we’re ready to wrap them up in some homemade wrapping paper which we’re going to make inspired by Red Ted Art and The imagination Tree’s Cookie Cutter Wrapping Paper and Gift Tags.

Salt Dough DIY Gift for kids to make

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  1. Hi this is a great idea. I was wondering if they get wet will they be ok?
    Thank you, Arvarna

  2. This is a great idea. Something you might also do with them is use your children’s hands to imprint on the coasters. I’m going to try it out this week for Father’s Day next month. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Perfect! Thank you! Making these right now as a last minute present for my grandparents.

  4. Love the colors used and the pine cones used for printing:) Like how these turned out!

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