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Remembrance Day Wreath – craft for young children

Remembrance Day Wreath for Kids

This weekend is Remembrance Sunday (November 11th) and although we are very fortunate that none of my grandparents were killed during the Second World War we have family friends who lost family members and each year we wear our poppies with pride and respect the minutes silence – as a child I also proudly carried our flag in church parades for the Girl Guides every Remembrance Sunday. Last year we baked with a special remembrance Day Cook Book and this year we have been crafting creating a Remembrance Day Wreath and whilst crafting we talked about the importance of the day and why is happened.

What you need to make a Simple Remembrance Day Wreath

Strong Card Stock
Green Paper and Card
Red Paint
Egg Carton Box
PVA (white) Glue
Black Marker

How to make a Simple Remembrance Day Wreath

I started by cutting out a circle and making it into a ring by cutting out the centre part on the strong card stock – this would form our solid backing for the wreath.

Breaking off the bases of the egg carton J and T set about painting them inside and outside with red paint.

Painting egg carton poppy flowers

We left them to dry and returned later. I cut out with some help from J a variety of different sized leaves on the green paper and card and then he stuck them to the wreath covering the backing ring.

Remembrance wreath craft

We looked at pictures of poppies on the Internet and J then coloured in the centre of the poppies with black marker pen (I searched but didn’t have any black buttons which would have been perfect to use to glue in the centre as well).

Remembrance wreath craft for kids

We’ve now put this onto our “nature window sill” and J says about how it remembers the soldiers in the wars.

Remembrance day craft for kids

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