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Rainbow Recipes To Cook with Toddlers and Preschoolers

Cooking with toddlers and preschoolers is a lot of fun! I promise it really is! But you need recipes that are simple and easy to do together. With spring here and St Patrick’s Day coming up these simple rainbow recipes for tots are great to make together. So roll up your sleeves, put on an apron and make some yummy rainbow snacks and treats with your toddlers and preschoolers today.

cooking with toddler rainbow recipes cookies and cakes

Rainbow Recipes to Cook with Kids

Completed rainbow on a stick snack with marshmallows holding the colourful fruit loops in place.

So quick and easy to make this rainbow on a stick with marshmallow cloud snack is perfect for little hands to do.

rainbow food to cook with toddlers

This edible paint recipe from Kids Craft Room is so easy to make and you could use it on the spur of the moment (absolutely great for busy mums).

Somewhere over the rainbow there will be a little shop that sells these very easy to make Rainbow Cup Cakes from Lemon Lime Adventures. Don’t they look adorable!

rainbow cakes and cookies

Try our simple cupcake recipe that works every time if you want to decorate the cupcakes like the recipe above.

Another quick and easy snack or pudding to make and enjoy is this Lucky Charms Jell-O Cups for Kids from Mommy’s Bundle.

Lucky Charm Marshmallows are certainly in favour for rainbow treats and these Luck Charm Marshmallow treats from Midget Momma only have 3 ingredients so what can go wrong!

Smores – it’s something that I associate with camping but there’s no reason you can’t eat any other time of the year and these Rainbow Smores Treat from Art and Crackers look almost as good as they taste.

I have had these requested by my daughter time and time again – Rainbow Cake Pops by Wanna Bite after we made them for a birthday party.

I’m not sure whether these are a cake or a cookie but does it really matter when they taste good and these Rainbow Chip Blondies from The Monday Box are not just tasty they are easy to make including a how-to on making your own chocolate chunks!

easy rainbow recipes to cook with tots

Rainbow Cookies

Cookies are so easy to make and you can even freeze the cookie dough – these Rainbow Cookies from Kitchen Craft Chronicles are cute and you could even add to them with a little sugar cookie cloud or pot of gold.

rainbow fish egg free sugar cookies

Sugar cookies are so easy to make and inspired by the book The Rainbow Fish we love making these rainbow fish sugar cookies (they are egg free as well – which means that my little ones could eat the dough as we cooked them!)

colourful rainbow cookies to make with kids

Easy to make these Rainbow Cookies from Hey Mom! What’s Cooking? are perfect for little hands to cook with you.

Cake Mix cookies – sounds great doesn’t it and quick to make. These Cake Mix Rainbow Cookies from The Monday Box are just that – check out the colours as I know my kids would love these although I can almost guarantee that they would argue of the purple ones so I would have to save them for myself.

Rainbow Candy Crush Cookies Recipe

One of my kids favourite Rainbow recipes are simple rainbow candy crush cookies. So easy to make and bashing the candy (M&M’s work the best as they retain their colour when cooked) is so much fun. Make up a batch for after preschool or as a quick and easy snack.

Healthy Rainbow Snacks for toddlers and preschoolers

healthy rainbow recipes for toddlers and preschoolers to cook

Ok so not all of our recipes will be healthy but this one for a Rainbow Vegetable Snack from Kids Activities Blog is and it tastes delicious.

So pizza isn’t always healthy but this Rainbow Fruit Pizza from Sugar Spice and Family Life is and doesn’t it look great!

rainbow fruit icepop

Healthy rainbow recipes can be hard to find – but these 100% fruit rainbow ice pops taste amazing and with all of the squashing and smashing the little ones will love making them to – just a word of warning it can get messy and sometimes they don’t like the wait.

Trail mix is healthy right – well ok this isn’t 100% healthy but a little of what is bad for you is actually good for (or something like that anyway!) and this Rainbow Trail Mix from Organized Island involves no cooking and comes with little tags perfect for making them into treat bags for the kids.

Make ahead, keep in the fridge and enjoy all week – sounds like my kind of healthy treat for the kids and this Rainbow Fruit Salad from Sugar Spice and Family Life is perfect as that is exactly what it does.

easy rainbow recipes to cook with toddlers and preschoolers for spring and st patrick's day

Rainbow Breakfasts and Meals for families

Sometimes you need something a little heartier and this Rainbow Chili Recipe from Arts and Crackers looks and tastes amazing and look at all of the vegetables in there as well. Want to hide them – then blitz it up!

Breakfast can be sorted with this easy and delicious Rainbow Parfait from Lemon Lime Adventures. Don’t like the fruit suggestions then switch them out for your favourites it’s so easy to adapt.

I’m not a morning person, in fact, you could consider me a night owl and making anything other than cereal rarely happens because of that but this Rainbow breakfast from The Chaos and the Clutter looks great – the rainbow can be made before hand as can the pancake mixes… Perfect for us night owl mums.

Why not make some Smoothies and Mocktails for St Patrick’s Day for the kids over on our recipe site Hey Mom! What’s Cooking?

These Rainbow Pancakes from Amanda’s Cookin look and taste amazing and I promise you, no taste of food colouring at all!

Adding a salad to any meal makes it healthier and this Rainbow Avacado Salad from Moms & Crafters is simple to make and like all the best salads you can store it in the fridge to use for a couple of days making sure that your kids and family get some of their vegetables and fruit in.

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