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Best Seeds for Kids, Fast Growing Flowers and Vegetables

Kids love to dig in the dirt and pick the flowers. They love to plant the seeds and if you grow some vegetables it’s a great way for them to try some new foods as well. However, a lot of young children don’t have the patience to wait months for seeds to grow to see the effort put in. So we’ve put together a couple of list of the best fast-growing seeds to grow with kids as they are quick and easy to grow whether on a windowsill at home or in the classroom.

Two kids at a table planting seeds in a cardboard egg carton filled with soil to grow at home or in the classroom.

So if you want to get gardening with your kids and start some seeds this year then check out our pick of the best flower and vegetable seeds to grow with kids.

little girl reaching for a sunflower head with text reading kid approved quick plants to grow

Growing Seeds with Kids

Kids love to fill up the pots, add in the seeds. Then of course the watering is always fun. But, waiting for the seeds to germinate and months of growing and caring before they can eat the fruit and vegetables or admire pick the flowers can be boring. It’s even worse if you are in the classroom and doing a plant unit and want to grow some plants with the kids but only have a short period to do it in. So these are ideal for growing at home with your own little kids and using in your classroom science projects to study plants and flowers.

There will be no need for fancy grow lights, a sunny window sill will normally be just fine. Remember to read any seed packet, before you start and follow the instructions as even within the same family of flowers or vegetables the type of seed and how they grow can vary and plant to the correct depth then within a few weeks you will have flowers and vegetables that your kids can enjoy.

Whilst you are growing the seeds why not read a book about seeds with your toddlers and preschoolers.

seed journal and activities printables showing the pages from Rainy Day Mum Shop

Growing Seeds this year and want to do some journalling with your kids? Then check out our Seed Growth Activity Pack for Science, Journalling and Maths Activities.

Top Tips for Growing Plants with Kids

toddler planting seeds in a greenhouse

If you have toddlers then don’t be afraid to start gardening and plant seeds with them we have put together tips, especially for those little ones with our Tips for Gardening with Toddlers at Home.

  • Use unusual containers – old boots, egg shells, teapots, and old pans all make for great pots for your seedlings
  • Have everything to hand – compost/soil, seeds, watering can
  • Make sure you have equipment that the kids can handle
  • Teach the kids not to over water – start off putting less water than needed in the watering can and show them what it should look like when they water
  • Get them to help to weed around the plants, plant out, water, feed and harvest

What you Need to Garden with Kids

A preschool girl in the garden picking up sticks with her wheel barrow and gardening equipment.

Depending on the size of your garden you don’t really need a lot of stuff to get your kids started growing their own flowers and vegetables. In fact, as long as you have some good quality soil, a simple watering can or spray bottles, gardening gloves as not every child likes getting their hands dirty, and some suitable containers to grow in you are basically set.

If your kids love to garden though check out our best equipment for kids to garden with where we’ve got the ones that we have found great for real gardening with kids.

Fast Growing Flowers

sunflower growing

Morning Glory

This climbing plant opens the flowers in the morning and then closes at night. Liking a sunny site it’s easy to grow and pretty too. But be aware that the seeds are poisonous so growing with young children supervision is especially important with these pretty flowers.

Sweet Peas

A traditional English Cottage flower and perfect for growing with the kids as well as having the added advantage of attracting bees and other pollinators to your garden. Sweet peas are perfect for growing up the trellis or in a wigwam and you can pick and place in vases around the home or classroom. Start the seeds off by soaking in warm water them for a few ours this softens the outer coat and makes germination quicker.


So easy to grow, sprinkle into prepared soil and then water, weed and watch as these bright colourful and EDIBLE flowers grow. Plus they are a companion plant and great natural pest control in the vegetable garden. They are also relatively cheap and will flower all summer long.


Another edible flower these really easy to grow pretty flowers looks great in the garden, whether grown in pots or in the soil they will brighten the day. Like Nasturtium’s they are also natural pest control in the gardens especially around tomatoes, strawberries, potatoes, beans, squash…. They also attract bees to the garden another great benefit that will help other flowers bloom and your vegetables grow.


Although the traditional red poppies are a weed and will grow anywhere soil has been disturbed there are so many different sorts and they are very very easy to grow. Plus once you start growing them because they self-seed the area you can guarantee that for many years to come you will have lots and lots of poppies in the garden.


Each day over the summer holiday as a child my brother and I would race outside after breakfast as we took part in our annual sunflower growing competition. Which one of us would grow the biggest sunflower? We cared for those sunflowers and measured them daily. Then when they were grown and they got tall the flowers would appear, providing seeds for the birds for the autumn and winter. They are so easy to grow just take your sunflower seeds and plant in some compost. I’m doing it this year with our Cub Scout group to see who by Harvest festival time will have the tallest flower.

If you plant your sunflowers now in March then by June you could have the first blooms in time for the summer solstice.


Although they take a little longer to grow than some of the other plants mentioned snapdragons are great to grow in the garden with the kids, plus the flowers are edible too although can be bitter and may not be to some children’s taste.


Another English cottage garden favourite wallflowers are lightly scented and look good. They also survive in poor soil (so great for the edge of school playgrounds) and like the  sun or semi shade. They come in a variety of bright warm colours that really add a splash to the garden.

Spring Bulbs

Ok so not technically quick but once they appear in the spring these bulbs will brighten the day, mix up what you plant with some crocuses, daffodils, irises, snowdrops, alliums and tulips and throughout the spring the children will see the plants appear.

Other flowers of note that look great and are simple and easy for kids to grow are:

  • Sweet Alyssum
  • Sweet William
  • Cosmos
foxgloves growing

Foxgloves are also quick growing  – these pretty but TOXIC wildflowers are easy to grow but children should be kept away from them as all parts are toxic. However, they are great for a wildflower garden and do grow quickly plus come back. They attract bees and other pollinators to the garden and do look pretty. They also grow in shadier areas. But take care as kids love to use the flowers as pretty little fairy hats.

child holding a seedling in their hands

Fast Growing Vegetable Seeds for Kids

Flowers look great in the garden, but it’s always good to have some edible seeds growing as these are a great way to encourage children to try new foods. These fast-sprouting seeds are the best choice of seeds I’ve had success with both with my own kids and in the classroom when I taught Science.

Salad Bowl Lettuce

simple garden varieties to grow with kids to create a salad garden in a pot.

With many different varieties available a mixed pack of lettuce seeds are ideal for growing with kids. You will find some are specific to a country like Italian seeds or maybe just a mixed bowl. Don’t worry about growing these and getting the perfect shape they are meant to be eaten young so unlike trying to grow iceberg or little gems kids can sow the seeds, water, weed and eat within a couple of weeks.

Mustard Cress or Grass Seeds

Ideal for growing indoors like we did with our caterpillars these are one of the easiest seeds to propagate and you don’t even need soil to do it. Cress are a less spicy alternative but mustard seeds add a little spice to a sandwich when picked, washed and eaten. We love these Grass Heads another fun way to get your kids growing.


bean growing experiment in a jar on a windowsill.

With so many varieties to choose from these legumes grow quickly and are perfect for some early botany experiments like growing in glass jars to see what happens under the soil. You can even use them to create a natural teepee in the garden, an ideal reading nook in the summer months that you can reach up and have a snack from at the same time.

little child holding a carrot that he has grown from seed


Not as easy to grow as some of the vegetables and flower mentioned but one of the favourite vegetables of many children carrots can even be grown in containers so reducing the need for a vegetable plot. Just make sure if you do grow in the vegetable garden that you sieve the soil first to remove any stones otherwise you will have wonky carrots!


Really quick growing these peppery vegetables are ideal on salads and come in many different varieties. I normally grow them in between slower growing plants so that the soil stays weed free and we get tasty treats from the garden to go with our salad bowl lettuce.

Chives and other herbs

Grow your own herbs with the kids, chives are quick and easy to grow and the purple flowers are pretty in the garden. Other herbs that kids will love growing are ones that they will enjoy cooking with – mint, basil, oregano, corridaner/cilantro , rosemary. We plan to have a herb wheel but mainly grow these in pots near the kitchen door or throughout the year on the kitchen window sill.


Surprisingly easy to grow, potatoes are a great vegetables you can grow in pots and within 5 – 6 weeks with early varieties you can have them to eat and enjoy.

Other fun vegetables to grow with kids but may take a little longer

More Ideas for Growing Seeds with Kids

picture of mother and daughter gardening with text overlay Quick Growing Plants for Kids.


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