Playdates and parties two things that as a mum make me nervous. I know among my friends I’m a little odd as for us until last year all parties were carried out at home. Now we don’t have a huge house that we can fill with the whole class instead my children from when they could help make the decision on numbers and friends have only been allowed to invite a few people for their party. With those parties, I do like to have a theme and over the coming months, I’m going to be sharing some of those themes drawing together the ideas that I pinned to my secret party planning board for my kids. These are all DIY party ideas from invitations to food, to decorations and games that you can play. At the end of the posts, you’ll also find some links through to some products that you can buy to help you save some time as I know we’re all busy mums. Today I’m kicking off with the most recent theme that my daughter chose and our Princess Party Planning Guide for Busy Moms.

Plan and hold your perfect Princess Party for your child and her friends with our Busy Moms Planning Guide with inspiration and helpful tips.
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Party Invitations

Get creative with your party invitations and make your own Rapunzel Invitation DIY with Yarn Hair like these ones from DIY Inspired. Don’t worry if you’re not feeling that creative at the end of the post we have some ideas for princess party invtations that you don’t have to DIY!

Princess Party Food

Simple to follow recipe to make princess sparkle cupcakes with a sweet pink vanilla buttercream frosting ideal for Princess Party food.

These pretty pink princess cupcakes were a huge hit at my daughter’s Princess Party this year so I’ve shared the recipe with you. That vanilla buttercream frosting was just delicious.

Maybe your little princesses aren’t all that pink then these Easy Frozen Cupcakes from Wanna Bite are ideal and look fantastic but EASY TO MAKE

Cake Pops are easy to make ahead of time and also make a really good favour to share at the end of the party in a bag. These Princess Tea Party Glitter Brownie Pops from Darcy and Brian are covered in sparkles and for my 6-year-old princess and her friends that meant that they were a HUGE hit.

When asked to share their favourite princess there were quite a few of my daughters friends that came up with Elsa or Anna so at the party I served some Fun Marshmallow Pops from Thrifty DIY Diva which were easy to make the day before and bring out as a treat.

Of course, no birthday party would be without a cake and if you are looking to make a Princess Cake then this Princess Cake Tutorial from One Creative Mommy is easy to follow and walks you through the process of creating your own.

What do you serve the princess guests – well if you are having afternoon tea as part of the party then Tea Sandwiches from Cutesy Crafts or Tiara Sandwiches from Events to Celebrate would be ideal. Just stock up on those princess shaped cookies cutters and you can make even the most normal of sandwich interesting.

Once the sandwiches are served then it’s time for some treat and these easy to make ahead and put together Princess Par-TEA Trailmix from Parenting Chaos and Disney’s Frozen White Chocolate Pretzel Bark Recipe from Thrifty DIY Diva are just perfect. That bark looks amazing!

And what would a party be but without a drink so why not make these Pretty Pink Party Punch from Jenn’s RAQ and serve to the guests?

Party Games and Activities to Try

A party wouldn’t be a party without some games and activities and a Princess Party is no different why not give these fairy tale inspired games a try and watch the princesses and little princes have fun.

Make this Dragon Bean Bag Toss game from One Creative Mommy and keep those menacing dragons away from the princesses and princes at the party.

Crafts are always a favourite of my daughter and last birthday she requested that everyone create something to take away with them. These Pipe Cleaner Crowns from Val Event Gal are mess free (unlike the peg dolls we made!) and really easy to do. Whilst they make the crowns get these Princess Bracelets from Cutesy Crafts prepared to make and then switch over. You have an activity plus a favour as well.

Princesses do love their dresses but who can make the best? Try this Streamer Dress Making Game from Val Event Gal and watch them get twisted up as they laugh and giggle.

Of course pass the parcel is always a favourite but you know what I wish I had done this Snow White’s True Loves Kiss game from Events to Celebrate instead of the traditional version. It would have been so much fun for them to play and themed perfectly.

Plan and hold your perfect Princess Party for your child and her friends with our Busy Moms Planning Guide with inspiration and helpful tips.

Party Favours for your mini Royal Guests

It seems essential at the end of the party to now give some favours. I now some party places that hand out plastic toys and some candies. But I always like to try and make the party bags themed or at least a bit special if they are going home.

If Ariel is your princess then these Little Mermaid Party Favors from DIY Inspired are perfect. Scroll to the end of the post and you will find how to make them for the girls to take away.

These Treasure Boxes from One Creative Mommy are great for little princesses to store their jewels in but shhh…. we also used a similar idea for our pirate party.

With LONG flowing hair Rapunzel is my daughter’s favourite princess and these DIY Rapunzel Braid Party Favors from DIY Inspired are inspired! Each girl can then having their own flowing locks to play dress up.

If you are handy with the sewing machine then these Felt Princess Crowns from Cutesy Crafts would be great, you could make them in the girl’s colours or match to the princess of their choice.

Of course, some princesses are also magical and these Foam Princess Wand from Events to Celebrate would be a great gift to give at the end of the party.

Setting the scene – your party decor

Greet the guests in style by creating a castle entrance at your front door like this from Pear Tree. Or if LARGE decorations aren’t you thing then why not create your own DIY Rapunzel Tower from Simply Creative Ways and place it to decorate.

The party table wouldn’t be complete with out a DIY Princess Castle Silverware Holder from Kandy Kreations it’s easy to make and can be reused too.

Sparkles and glitter are something all princess like and the decorations at this Snow Princess Birthday Party from The Gracious Wife are easy to make and would be great especially if you have some little Elsa and Anna’s around.

Suggested Princess Party Extra’s

DIY is great but we all know as a busy mum we don’t always have the time to do and make what we want so I’ve put together some little finds that will help you out and make it look like you’ve got creative all on your own.

The following are affiliate links. They will not cost you anymore!

Serve the punch with these pretty pink paper straws and golden glitter crowns. I love the fact that they are paper straws so much better for the environment as well.

Set up a photo booth with a digital camera and provide these glitter crown props, the princesses will love having their pictures taken with their royal guests.

I love bunting and this paper one is ideal with glitter crowns and in pretty pinks, it is sure to brighten any room.

I made tutu’s for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party for her little guests it was a hit and I’m now being asked to make some more. If you haven’t got the time to make your own then this Tutu Package is perfect as a different party favour for the little princesses.

Want to save some time then why not order your party invitations and get them personalised. I like these pretty ones as the princesses can be any age and it’s not too cartoony.

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Plan and hold your perfect Princess Party for your child and her friends with our Busy Moms Planning Guide with inspiration and helpful tips.

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Plan and hold your perfect Princess Party for your child and her friends with our Busy Moms Planning Guide with inspiration and helpful tips.

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