You’ve probably heard me talk about The Patchery before and how T especially really loves being her own fashion designer and creating clothes unique for her. She loves just playing around on the site and I am so glad that it’s not as easy as Amazon with that Click to buy now feature otherwise we would be swimming in T designed clothes.

Kid designed practical clothes from The Patchery for practical kids.

However, with her love of dresses they aren’t always practical especially when we do things like visit RSPB Minsmere where dresses would get in the way of all of the adventure. So I set her a challenge! Design yourself a practical piece of clothing on The Patchery site and if it’s practical then we can get it.

Design your own Clothes with The Patchery

As I showed you before the site is so easy to use and T went straight ahead and chose her style and then fabrics. One of the things that I love about The Patchery site is that there is a real mix of pretty and practical clothes designs for babies, girls, and boys. As each of the designs is then made up in cotton and even some designs in organic cotton they are practical clothes for playing, jumping around and exploring the world around them.

Kid designed practical clothes from The Patchery for practical kids.

T decided on a t-shirt – she has plenty of jeans and shorts as I keep TRYING to get her to wear them but she’s a dress type of girl. Which made me happy and then…. well she spent hours on the computer getting exactly the right combination of fabrics from one of the samples – she must have tried out all of the different ideas.

She kept coming back asking – exactly where she would wear this, what would it be like when she was wearing it and what would she be doing. Before she clicked to finalise it she showed me her final design.

My Design Brief for T to Design Practical Clothes

A piece of clothing that you can wear to explore, jump, play when we go to the woods or beach. It must have sleeves so you don’t burn your shoulders and let you play.

T’s Self-Designed¬†Practical Clothes for Practical Play

Kid designed practical clothes from The Patchery for practical kids.

So… what did she go for? A Color Block Short Sleeved t-shirt and because we would be wearing it in the woods it’s covered in woodland creatures. PERFECT exactly what she needs for our exploring and adventures.

Brand Ambassador 2 Patchery

We are a brand ambassador for The Patchery and have been supplied with the clothes for this post.

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