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The Best Potty Training Books for Toddlers

Potty training is a big milestone for your little ones. Not only is it the end of diapers or nappies. Can I get a heck yes from all the parents out there! But, it’s also the first leap from babyhood to becoming a big kid. Your little one and the toilet are a challenging pair, but with the help of some books, you can help get them excited about it. These books are great for little ones and can help improve the process. Here are the best Potty Training Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers who are going through potty training right now.

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Potty Training Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Reading together with your toddlers and preschoolers is a great way to discuss new things and experiences and toilet training is no different. These books were part of our book baskets when our kids were young as we started to introduce using the toilet.

You may have your big-boy pants and big girl panties ready for when the time comes and whichever potty training method you prefer. But, start to prepare your little one ahead of time with a picture or board book ahead of time just add it to your book basket and read along with your tots.

So Moms check out these fantastic books for toddlers and preschoolers as you get ready to start potty training with your little ones.

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1. Pirate Pete and Princess Polly Potty

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Pirate Pete’s Potty and Princess Polly’s Potty are such fun books for your little one as they start this new phase. There are buttons to press that make a cheer and bright colourful illustrations. It’s one of our favourites and one that we have passed down to friends as well. Well worth having in your collection.

2. Zoo Poo

As the Zoo is one of our favourite places to visit, when I saw Zoo Poo at the Library it was perfect for us. It goes through in rhymes that all Animals do poos from a Giraffe to a Chimpanzee and then finishes with what we do by going on the Loo (it’s very British in that respect).

3. Who’s in the Loo?

Another very English title for this book Who’s in the loo? It is about who’s taking time in the bathroom while a little girl and boy wait to go. Getting more and more desperate. Written in rhyme and again uses Animals and the various things that they could be doing that would be taking them so long. Very funny I was even laughing and the illustrations are great as well.

4. I want my Potty

The book I want my Potty by Tony Ross is another really nicely illustrated book and I love the way that it finishes which I hope will help J to realise that accidents do happen but it’s not a problem. If you haven’t read any of the Little Princess books before they are great at introducing some of the coming milestones and events.

5. Let’s Go to the Potty

Let’s Go to the Potty is an illustrated book will help your little ones get some gentle support and encouragement as they start to use the potty with confidence.

6. Potty Superhero

Everyone has to use the potty, including superheroes! Potty Superhero will help your little superhero explore the idea of using the potty and learn where to go with the help of the superhero girl.

7. Little Dino Has to Potty

Follow along as the dinosaurs in Little Dino Has to Potty learn what they need to do when they have to go wherever they have to go.

8. Everybody Potties

Everybody Potties is full of songs your kids will love singing along to as they learn these nursery rhymes all about potty time.

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9. Everybody Potties An I Can Do It

Introduce potty training to your little ones with these fun animal friends in Everybody Potties an I Can Do It as they learn how to use the bathroom for the first time.

10. Poop!

Poop is a funny book that will make your children feel more comfortable using the toilet and introduce them to potty concepts in this joke-themed book. We found the little finger puppet really quite silly to play with and had lots of giggles.

11. Potty Train Your Dragon

Having a dragon is all fun and games until he refuses to poop! If you have a child that is struggling to pooh on the potty, then Potty Train Your Dragon could be perfect for them.

12. P is for Potty

Your kids will love reading along with Sesame Street Elmo in P is for Potty as he teaches little boys and girls how to use the potty.


  1. Time to Pee by Mo Willems.

  2. We had great success with the Little Princess, “I want my potty” as my little girl is a big fan of the Little Princess. I was going to mention it if it wasn’t in your list… but it was! haha. She loves all the Little Princess books and as you said, they all have messages about things our kids are learning about..(“I want my dummy” was handy for us too!).
    Have you heard of, “Everybody Poos” by Taro Gomi? You can see it being read on You tube if you do a search. Debs 🙂

  3. Oh my! I remember I want my potty – how old must it be by now? We’re not at potty training stage yet but I like the look of Zoo Poo and Who’s in the Loo ready for when we are.

  4. We have ‘I want my potty’ too and I have been on the lookout for some more books for when we start. I seem to have a large collection of books about pants – it seems pants are trending in the kid-lit world!

    1. I can recommended the Dinosaur Love Underpants and the Aliens love Underpants book – we read them regularly with J and he’s now fascinated with pants I thnk that is probably why we got the rather loud “I WANT BIG BOY PANTS” last week.

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