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Potions and mixes

This was such a fun activity for J but the same activity can easily be used up to junior age children with no problems at all just add more equipment and you can have a potion creation/science lab experience in the back garden or bathroom.

What you need

Containers of different sizes
Mixing Bowls
Any extra equipment that you can think of for creating a science lab in your back garden
Clothes of getting messy in
Food Colouring
A table

Our optional extra was a paddling pool which I placed the table in as we had the science lab out on the deck and I didn’t want it to stain.

How the fun happens

Once the activity is set up this is very much child led and play orientated and great fun.

The set up

To set it up I found a variety of containers for pouring from and mixing from the kitchen that I didn’t mind getting stained (red food dye really does stain plastic a lot) and then added water with a few drops of food colouring in and placed on a tray.

I set up a table on the deck with some bowls and spoons of different sizes in the lid of our sandpit so that it wouldn’t stain the deck (again that red food colouring!).

And then I let J mix, play and concoct to his hearts content.

Making a potion
The reason for the paddling pool becomes obvious
And this is where it led

Yes it was very J led activity and turned into an impromtu play in a mini paddling pool – which he then turned his hair red/orange by dyeing it with the food colouring water.


  1. Cathy @ NurtureStore says:

    My girls love mixing up potions too. Lovely to see you at the Carnival of Outdoor Play ( hope his hair turned out OK!)

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