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Pop Art for Preschoolers – Roy Lichtenstein

J is very into dots at the moment and when I noticed it was time for Kids Get Arty over on Red Ted Art again this month I instantly thought of the Roy Lichtenstein comic book type pop art art work that he produced. Pop Art art and particular the work of Roy Lichtenstein is a great activity for preschoolers and gave us a great opportunity to talk about techniques as well as look at book and Internet resources.

Simple Pop Art Art activity for preschoolers and Kindergarten aged children inspired by the modern paintings by Roy Lichtenstein.

We started off looking at a Pop Art Art Book that we got from the library which had lots of the comic book style pictures in which J liked but he’s only just started to want to draw people. It did give us a great opportunity to talk about the dots in the pictures and how he made them – a little research on the Internet and I discovered that some were created with a stipple type brush.

Then we sat down with the laptop and Google’d Roy Lichtenstein and discovered The Lichtenstein Foundation website and looking at the Museum collections came across the sunrise pop art art work. J took to this instantly and so it was decided we were going to do Roy Lichtenstein inspired sunrise picture.

What you need to create our Pop Art Art Work inspired by Lichtenstein

Black Pen
Dot markers

How you create our Pop Art Art Work inspired by Lichtenstein

I started off by drawing out with black pen a very rough sunrise on a piece of paper and handed over the dot markers to J to do with as he wanted.

Pop Art Art for kidsHe started off placing blue dots in the sky portion of the picture – he loves making the dots and you will see the enthusiasm with his splats (more than dots).

Roy Lchtenstein pop art art for kidsHe remembered well that the picture we had been looking at had a mix of solid colours and dots and used the dot marker to “paint” the sun yellow. Then he used the green to make dots throughout the ground section of the picture.

From Friends of Art Roy Lichtenstein’s sunrise

We then put our picture aside to dry

Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art Art Lesson for preschoolers

Creating an Art Habit in Your Home or Setting

Getting kids to explore art freely whether through Artist Studies like this or through process art projects is a fantastic method for you to embed creativity in their lives can be a challenge especially if like me you are crafty and creative. We’ve already passed the experimental phase and moved onto using skills and knowledge to produce works of art, crafts and use our own imagination to make new things. However, and this is where I struggle as a parent we need to let them explore, experiment, learn the skills and gain the knowledge through ART and not just crafts that have a designated end product.

Late in 2016, I joined The Art Habit with Rachelle from Tinkerlab to try and switch my mindset and let creativity be an everyday part of our lives. It’s worked and you will often find my children now school age before school sitting getting creative at the table before school.

It released me from lots of ideas that I had about children and craft and art materials and expanded our creativity at home. As a parent, it was immensely useful and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to support creativity in their kids, or if you have a setting or are a preschool teacher, kindergarten teacher or homeschool this is an ideal inspiration course to set Art up as a regular activity. Check out The Art Habit either by clicking on this link or on the image above.

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Simple Pop Art Art activity for preschoolers and Kindergarten aged children inspired by the modern paintings by Roy Lichtenstein.

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Simple Pop Art Art activity for preschoolers and Kindergarten aged children inspired by the modern paintings by Roy Lichtenstein.

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  1. A dot marker is a great idea for this style of artwork. What a fabulous artist to choose – so bright and dynamic.

  2. Oooh this is so lovely! I love that you used a dot marker, what a great idea. And Lichtenstein is great to explore with kids – so simple and colourful.

    Thanks for joining in with Kids Get Arty!!


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