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Picture Book Party – Romping Monsters Stomping Monsters Party

You know we love a good party – well connect it with a book or 2 and it makes a summers day extra fun. So we threw a Picture Book Party with some Romping Monsters, Stomping Monsters fun.

Picture Book Party for Romping Monsters Stomping Monsters

With glorious sunshine – J and T invited over their friends for some Monster Fun, a cake was made and we set out stomping and romping around the garden in a Monster Way.

Romping Monsters Stomping Monsters Picture Book Party with a Monster Swamp Stomp

Of course our little monsters had to be bear foot – because all good monsters don’t wear shoes of course and in the muddiest part of the garden (well it would be if it had rained) – they named it the swamp and stomped and romped to our Monster Tunes.

With some monster play – we then set down for some treats and a read –Romping Monsters, Stomping Monsters by Jane Yolen and illustrated by Kelly Murphy is a perfect book for the age range of children at our party – from 2 to almost 5 (that is critical that it’s almost 5) there was lots of laughs as we read through the fun that the monster had on their day out. With lots of rhymes and actions that you can add it’s beautifully illustrated and lots of fun to read and listen to.

Picture Book Party - Romping Monsters Stomping Monsters with some fun ideas for Monster Fun

We sat and read through – arms in the air for some Monster Stretching

Interactive story telling

We hurled imaginary balls with the monsters across at each other.

Picture Book Party with some Romping Monsters Stomping Monsters Fun

When we read the story we enjoyed a little monster cake I baked for the party

Monsters Inc Cake

With stomachs filled it was time for some Mini Monster Hunting around the garden. Keeping the party outside we decided to put in place one of our favourite activities and went on a Mini Monster Hunting looking for bugs around the garden. Some ants, spiders, flies and ladybirds – all pretty common in our garden and then exciting…..

Hawk Moth Caterpillar

A Death Mask Hawk Moth Caterpillar found in the garden – a spike on it’s end making this possibly our most Monster like Mini Monster of the Hunt.

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We received a copy of the book and others to help us host a Romping Monsters Stomping Monsters Picture Book Party from Walker Books.

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