Spielgaben Wooden Education Toys are brilliant for learning at home through play and we’ve been working on pattern play recently with T.

Pattern Play for Preschoolers

Sequencing and fine motor skills

Multiset 3 of the complete set conatins a set of rods as well as 3D shapes which have a central hole and are perfect for threading using these 2 parts we set up some pattern play to help with early maths skills.

Spielgaben educational wooden toy

Using 3 colours from the set I first got T to help me sort out the 3 elements that we would need – a rod, 2 spheres and 3 cuboids from the set in each of the 3 colours that we had chosen – orange, green and purple. The longest of the rods will easily hold all 5 of the 3D shapes.

Sorting out elements for pattern play

With everything out I set up the first pattern for T demonstrating threading the shapes on as well as talking about what the shapes were and the pattern we were forming – Cuboid, Sphere, Cuboid, Sphere, Cuboid – as well as the colour that we were using (orange) and what other things are that colour.

Modelling and demonstrating

She then proceeded to thread the sequence as she saw it – yes there were errors which as she finished we talked about as we matched them up side by side to see what was different about them.

Talking about errors and helping preschoolers problem solve

With them corrected she worked towards making the 3rd set of the sequence threading the beads working on fine motor skills and hand eye coordination as she did it.

Pattern sequencing and fine motor skills development with Spielgaben

I am in the process of creating some pattern cards for T to play independently with the set creating sequences of patterns and to review this area of maths with J watch out for my sharing them in the near future.

Spielgaben Sets - pattern play for preschoolers

If you want to find out more about the Spielgaben sets then check out our review of the complete set and see what we think as well as wait for more playful learning ideas using the sets.

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