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Pancake Toss – Shape game

One of my favourite days in February (after Valentine’s day of course) is Pancake Day – ok “Shrove Tuesday” but I’m going to call it Pancake Day anyhow, and this week’s #playfulpreschool theme is all about Pancakes. We’re creating, learning and developing skills with activities created around the theme of Pancakes. You can go to the end of the post to find out the other great ideas linked up this week. With the pancake theme, and working on another area of Maths, we’re combining gross motor skills and learning about shapes with a fun Pancake Toss Shape Game that had T running every which way as she learnt.

Pancake Flipping and tossing shape game for preschoolers

Kids that are kinaesthetic learners learn best when moving and jumping around. Although this isn’t T’s principle learning style, she really does enjoy learning this way, and it helps especially on these wet and dreary winter days when outdoor time is at a minimum. With the pancake toss shape game, as usual, I’m using resources that we have in the house, and that most families have on hand. Because T had so much fun I’m remaking our pancakes at the moment with felt so that they will last longer, but the paper version here works well too.

Materials needed

Crayons or Marker Pens
Toy or light weight child sized frying pan (our toy kitchen had the perfect sized one).

Learning objectives for Pancake Toss Shape Game

  • Work on Catching an object
  • Identification of Circle, Oval, Triangle, Rectangle and Square
  • Identification of Colours
Looking to work on Numbers within the same theme then check out our Stacking Pancake Number Game for Toddlers and Preschoolers to play.


You will need to make your pancakes first: With a piece of paper folded in 2 or 4 (check the size matches your frying pan), draw an irregular pancake shape on the paper and cut out.

Pancake Flipping and tossing shape game for preschoolers

I made 10 pancakes in total. On each pancake I drew one of 5 shapes so we had 2 copies of each shape.

Pancake Flipping and tossing shape game for preschoolers

Then, choosing 5 different colours, I quickly coloured them in making sure that none of the same shapes were the same colour.

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Playing the Pancake Toss Shape Game.

With the pancake face down in the pan, T tossed it into the air. As it fell she tried to catch it.  Believe me, this is tricky but the thicker the paper the easier it is to catch.

Pancake Flipping and tossing shape game for preschoolers

When she caught the pancake she flipped it over using her toy kitchen spatula so the shape was visible. After our cooking with kids sausage and bean casserole this week, she knows how to use it well because she repeatedly flipped the sausages in the pan.

Pancake Flipping and tossing shape game for preschoolers

With the shape visible she identified which shape it was as well as the colour of the shape, and then we switched it for a different shape.

Pancake Flipping and tossing shape game for preschoolers

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