This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OurPact.

Until a month ago this was the typical evening as my husband walked through the door – “Daddy, can I have your phone to play on please”, “Have you been good, ate your dinner, done your reading?”, “Well, yes kind of!” a questioning look towards me and a nod and the phone is handed over – 20 minutes later the maximum time the kids can play on the phones or tablets and as we try and switch off and divert attention to the process of getting ready for bedtime feet stomping and a huge fuss ensues and I end up banning the phone for the next week until the behaviour improves.

OurPact App - Free App for parents for internet and app usage by kids

That was how it went until a month ago – that’s when I installed OurPact onto the iPad and onto our old iPhone. OurPact is unlike parental controls it’s a unique for you. Using my iPad I downloaded the OurPact app and quickly went to the website on the iPhone and set it as the kids device – it was so easy. We’ve only got two devices in our house but I’ve seen this used with 3 or 4 and as the kids get older it would be easy to see that their tablets or phones could easily be added to the system.

Once there and back on my iPad I was able to set it up for weekdays, and weekends that fitted with our schedule. Weekday nights the kids internet and app use is at a minimum and it’s a reward for after reading is done, dinner is eaten without a fuss and toys are tidied away from playing. With the quick and easy system I set up for 20 minutes a day after 5:30pm and knew that I could switch it off if any of the pre-requisites for phone time were not met.

At the weekend, there’s a little time on a Saturday evening and a Sunday evening after everything has been done that they can chill and play but again only for 20 minutes at a time it was easy to set up so that they could have some time to play and then it would shut down without us having to go and try and get the phone away from them.

Meal times are a big fuss for us and we’re trying our best to get the kids to eat more and eat it nicely as well – because of sensory processing my son likes to feel his food before eating and unless constantly reminded he will eat with his hands not because he doesn’t know how to eat with cutlery because of the need to touch his food before he puts it in his mouth. As a reward for making no fuss, and using the fork we’re giving him extra time at the weekends on the phone (it doesn’t work with T she’s not interested!) and boy was that easy to set up on OurPact.

OurPact – the key points

You can see that we love it, it’s proving useful for us to keep screen time down and also to help overcome problems that I see as a reward I can over ride it but it would work for your family no matter what age the kids are for responsible internet and app use. Here’s the low down on the app and what it can do

  • OurPact is currently available for devices running iOS (Apple Products) – but I know it’s in the pipeline for it to be also available on android – OurPact App for the App in the iTunes Store.
  • This is not parental controls – it’s much much more
  • You can set up daily, weekly, weekend app usage so it’s specific for your child
  • Block internet and app use
  • Quickly and easily unblock internet and app use ideal for those reward for things – Room tidy in the next 5 minutes you can have the phone for 10! – YES IT REALLY DOES WORK
  • It will recommend use based on your child’s age – so no more “I think 20 minutes is too much” it is clear what each child and each family member is best for them – yes even teens and adults

OurPact App - Free App for parents for internet and app usage by kids


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OurPact.

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