As part of my Organising our play space I’m tackling books this month – last week I posted about the fabric book storage box that I made to move books around the house, garden or even into the car with us. Today I’m writing about making books accessible.

Making books accessibleJ and T are very different stages with books – J will happily sit and read with us a picture book, board book or magazine (once all stickers have been used up), however T is just starting to get into books and board books are the easiest for her to hold so I have to take both of these factors into consideration when organising how to make books accessible for both of them.

We don’t have a huge amount of space in our living area were we spend the day – which is why I made the portable fabric storage box for the books so that J and T can have their own books in the play areas downstairs, but I did want both of them to be able to easily access their books upstairs and each of them has an Ikea Billy bookcase in their rooms.

Toddlers books
J's bookcase

J books case is in his room – we get both J and T ready for bed in the room so when I was organising the books as most of his books are paperbacks I decided not to utilise the bottom shelf (which is easy for T to crawl over to and help herself from) instead I placed a toy box and  some mega blocks on this bottom shelf so J and T can easily get them to play with when we are upstairs. All of the books are on the middle shelf (with some of the more delicate pop up books and special books on a high shelf where we can get them down together to read) which J can easily access and choose his books at bedtime or to read on his own. You may also notice the Leap Frog Tag Junior – we brought this for J for Christmas as a way for him to read the books on his own but with help, he loves it and will sit and “read” his tag books to himself at times.

Babies book organisation
T's bookcase

With T’s bookcase I wanted to make sure that her books were easy for her to reach as a crawler and cruiser so again focusing on the bottom two shelves of the Ikea book case I have put some books on the bottom shelf and some on the middle but also added some blocks for her to play with, this book case is again in her room and she can easily access it when we are playing upstairs. The fabric storage box on the shelf is her laundry basket that my Mum made her for her nursery and currently is used as that but I think we will probably start using it to store her soft toys as we have with the fabric laundry basket that my Mum made J for his nursery.

Cerys Parker

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  1. Thank you for linking this post to our Create a Reading Addiction in your child link up. Book accessibility is so important. Thank you for reminding us of this. If kids can’t touch how can they explore the wonder of books. Creating that space is so important. Mine are upstairs at their grandads, once I have made the pizza dough for lunch I am going to dash right now and set up a surprise reading camp because it is just such fun.))) Thanks again for linking up.)

  2. I love the thought and care that has gone in to this. Books are so important in the hands of young ones, and I love that you have made them just so accessible and fun. I have spent many moments drooling over the wonderful book corners on Pinterest – such inspiration!

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