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Oooey Gooey Granola bars

Granola Recipe

One of my favourite things to cook as a child was flapjacks – or granola bars but many recipes that I tried ended up being quite tough so hunting around I managed to find a great ooey gooey recipe to try with the kids. Now be warned this is not a healthy granola bar this is all sugar and sweet.

Oooey Gooey Granola Recipe

8oz/250g Rolled Oats (Porridge Oats)
4oz/125g Brown Sugar
4oz/125g Margarine for cooking
7 tablespoons Golden Syrup

Instructions for Oooey Gooey Granola Recipe

Weigh out the ingredients – It’s great to do with the kids as you can talk about number recognition, this was a recipe that I did with T (2) so I wrote the number beside the scales and when she spotted the number she called out “STOP” – with J (4 and a half) I would get him to shout stop without having the numbers beside the scales.

Chewy Granola Bar Recipe

Into a pan put the sugar and margarine and stir until it has melted together.

Granola Recipe to make with kids

Add the oats – you can’t add all at once especially with little ones helping as it is quite difficult to stir so T and I added a 1/2 cup at a time and stirred it together – this is off the heat but before the sugar/margarine combination has cooled so it mixes well.

Once the oats are mixed in we measured in the golden syrup and stirred it all together – measuring in a cup at a time we counted how many we had and how many more we needed to put in on our fingers.

In a baking pan line with baking paper and pour in the oats mixture press down and then place in an oven at 180C/350F for around 15 mins you may need to adjust for your oven. Leave to cool and then enjoy.

Granola Recipe

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