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Ninja Books for Kids to Read Alongside Night of the Ninja

As we read along with The Magic Tree House series of books I like to find additional books on the subject to add to our reading and enjoy and extend the topics further. The fifth book in the series is Night of the Ninjas, so as we knew very little about Japan, Samauri, and Ninjas we collected together a range of books fiction and non-fiction to read together and learn a little more. So here we go our pick of the best Ninja Books for Kids ideal for extending your child’s reading alongside Night of The Ninjas by Mary Pope Osborne.

child ninja on a black background holding a sword text reads Ninja Books for Kids to Extend Night of the Ninja Magic Tree House

Night of the Ninja Extension Books

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As a family we are reading the series with our youngest however, our older child enjoys reading along with the topics too and learns a little more about the topics. It’s something that I wish we had done with him as well as the themes covered are wonderful for learning more about history, geography and science.

We start off our reading with the Magic Tree House Night of the Ninjas by Mary Pope Osborne. This our youngest reads aloud to us and we help with unfamiliar words and comprehension as we go through the chapters. Alongside the book, we also read the non-fiction companion Ninjas and Samauri.

We then have a selection of different books, from picture books to stories that I can read aloud or that our eldest can read to himself. We also try and find some non-fiction books that we can explore and learn a little outside of the information provided in the stories we read together.

As well as reading modern fiction with our Magic Tree House books I like to introduce myths, folk tales and classic literature as well as to the children as well.

We picked up a copy of Japanese Children’s Favourite Stories by Florence Sakade which has 20 tales in and read them aloud. There is some wonderful folk tales in the book that we wouldn’t have encountered otherwise.

We also read aloud The Heart of the Samurai by Margi Preus which tells the tale of the first Japanese person to set foot on American soil.

Ninja Picture Books for Kids

If you have younger children that are joining in with the topic or want some fun books then the Moby Shinobi Books Level 1 Reader books by Luke Flowers are great. They are silly and fun and introduce sight words and concepts.

Ninja, SAMURAI and JAPANS History for Kids

Fiction And Chapter Ninja Books for Kids

There are a few books and series that we have dipped into whilst reading along with Night of the Ninjas.

If you have any Lego fans in the house then the Lego Ninjago Reader books are excellent for younger readers.

We have picked these 4 books that are start of series as our eldest enjoyed them.

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