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Nativity Lanterns and Blog Hop

Nativity Craft for kids

Our last Nativity Craft this year I think and we’ve worked together to create a Nativity Lantern for us to sing Christmas Carols by as one of our Advent Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers.

What you need to make the Nativity Lantern

Tracing Paper to draw Nativity Picture or Nativity Colour-in Window Decorations
Fibre Tip Pens
Black Card Stock
Craft Knife
Sticky Tape

How you make the Nativity Lantern

J and T set about colouring in the Nativity Window Decorations – the material is like tracing paper and when held up to glass produces a wonderful stained glass look when sunlight shines through it.

nativity craft for preschool

Once they had coloured in the decorations I took over (J is 3 and T is 21 months) with the craft knife and card stock and used 2 pieces. I folded the card in half and then drew around the window decoration.

Nativity craft with toddlers

Once I had drawn the window around I cut out inside but around 1/2cm inside of the line that I had drawn.

I then folded a small piece at either side of the paper and stuck the 2 pieces of card together to form a cube with top and bottom missing.

Nativity activity for kids

With a electric tea light inside the light shines through the windows and is safe for the kids.

Nativity Craft


  1. These are great, lovely simple idea, I’m gonna make these with my kid’s church group next week. Thanks a million!

  2. Beautiful lanterns! Looks like your children are so happily engaged. Love the Event.

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