There are some toys that stick in your mind from your childhood, if you ask my brother or my husband things like Star Wars figures and He-Man would stand out for me it’s my Fisher Price Little People – a toddler and preschool toy but one that I remember well and is still a firm favourite with my kids even though it is 30+ years since I owned them and played with them.

#mytoystory - classic 1970's and 80's fisher price little people

No I’m not talking about the new updates Little People by Fisher Price that look like cartoon people, I’m talking about the original peg people and their buildings and belongings from the 1970’s and 80’s. They were plastic and STRONG – considering that 35 years later the pieces that I had as a child that with stood up to  my brother and me playing with them are still in use by my kids and my nephew when they visit it says it all.

#mytoystory - classic 1970's and 80's fisher price little people

Between myself and my brother I think we had some of the most memorable items from the collection – the airport with plane, carpark, camper van and trailing tent as well as the lift and load. Every visit to my parents a big box comes down from the attic and out comes the toys the little people are given names and taken on holiday. The builders repair the airport lifting items in the lift and load and families enjoy BBQ’s at the beach that we set up near the fireplace (well it has to be warm).

#mytoystory - classic 1970's and 80's fisher price little people

Over the coming weeks John Lewis Insurance will be sharing the #mytoystory favourites kicking off with another favourite of mine the Fisher Price Telephone (yes you can still buy it but if you have did you notice how much shorter the pull along is as well as the distance between the handset and the phone body!)

Instead of hoarding the toys like we do – have you thought about how much they are worth find out how much your toys from the past are worth with this article from Family Budgeting.

Check out the #mytoystory tweets from @johnlewisretail to see whether your favourite vintage toy will be featured over the coming weeks.

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