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Mirrors, Making Faces and Mr Men

We were lucky to recieve a box set of Mr Men Books to review recently and as a blast from my childhood I couldn’t wait to get them out and look at them with J (T is still a bit too young and I really want to get the Little Miss set for her). If you haven’t met Mr Men they are by Roger Hargreaves and are a fun set of characters with names like Mr Bump who is always having accidents, Mr Messy – who is a funny scribble and Mr Happy.

teaching emotions to preschoolers

I really love the simplicity of the drawings within the books and we took it as an opportunity to explore some emotions. J is really good at identifying Happy and Sad, but he’s not sure on some of the others so selecting the most appopriate books from the box we sat down with a mirror while T was having a nap and made some faces. With 47 books there was plenty to talk about, we’re going to look at opposites with some of the other books as well.

Using our small bathroom mirror we sat together and J watched me first make faces in the mirrors that went with some of the characters that we had read about. I made sure first off to show him the Mr Men book and then my face which usually made him giggle and then we had a guessing game with the faces before handing the mirror over to him.

mr men box set

He was great flicked through the different books and choose his favourite Mr Men book and then made the face in the mirror, with Mr Happy and Mr Sad he was brilliant but Mr Uppity his favourite book looked just like Mr Happy. It was great to watch him try and pick my faces out though (and no I haven’t got any pictures of me making the faces).

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  2. What wonderful ways to use your Mr Men library. My daughter would love the ‘funny faces’ game, but I also like the way you’ve used the books to identify opposites.

  3. I love Mr. Men. What a great way to explore emotions! Thanks for linking up to The Sunday Showcase.

  4. I love getting to watch your guy making faces. I would love for you to link the post to Read.Explore.Learn.

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