J really enjoyed our exploration into Mondrian back in May and we have had our Mondrian stained glass window on display in our dinning room ever since. It seems that having the art on display inspires J and he asked to make a “Coloured Rectangle Sticky Art” and pointed to our picture on the window.

J’s Mondrian Stained Glass window inspired today’s post which he decided he wanted to create

What you need to make A Mondrian Sticky Art

Tissue Paper
White (PVA) glue
Black Construction Paper
White card

How you make A Mondrian Sticky Art

We used white card as our background paper as I have learnt that Toddler and preschool gluing means that excessive glue gets used which white paper can’t normally handle so card works best for us for sticky pictures. I cut up some black paper into strips which J then glued on the page to make a rectangle (I did make sure that we had 2 long pieces and 2 shorter pieces) and then he added some more to create rectangles within in.

Tissue paper Mondrian
Gluing his art work

We then cut up some tissue paper into small squares and rectangles (well I did as I am yet to get hold of some children’s scissors that are safe for J to use). J loves gluing, he is getting a dab hand at using the glue spreaders as well and now requests them over paint brushes – he even has requested to do painting with them (watch out for that coming up).

tissue paper sticky art
J found working inside the rectangles easier than trying to create a picture and then adding the lines (we tried this previously and it didn’t work)

Using the grid J liked to “colour in” the rectangles and decided which colour each rectangle would be. He worked on putting a few pieces of tissue paper into each rectangle first and then added more to each until he was finished.

Mondrian inspired Tissue Paper collage
J’s finished Tissue Paper Collage Inspired by Mondrian

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