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Me Llamo Game – starting on Spanish

Yesterday I introduced the new year of early childhood education posts kicking off with a preparing for school, today and on a Thursday from now on I will be sharing activities and ideas to support learning for 2nd grade or year 2 in the UK system. With a similar approach to how our playful preschool posts ran last year we are joining together to co-host the 2nd grade series bringing weekly themed posts for you to use either to support learning done at school or with homeschooling.

Introducing Spanish - a simple game to get children using "Como se llama" and "Me llamo"

J is entering year 2 in the UK (2nd grade equivalent) and we will be supporting his learning at home with hands-on activities across the different subjects fitting in with the themes reinforcing knowledge already gained in school and extending in some areas. Today we kick of the series with Back to School and as one of my goals this year is to work on learning Spanish with J this year it is a perfect topic to introduce our first little Spanish.

Learning Objectives

Our Learning objectives are coming direct from the UK government objectives for Key Stage 1 children (year 1 and 2 – 1st and 2nd grade).

In an international language (we have chosen Spanish as I am fluent)

  • Answer and ask a question
  • Answer with a single word or short phrase
  • Read and understand a short phrase

Materials Needed

Piece of paper
Toys of named characters


Divide a piece of paper in half and split. Then fold each half to create a folded sign. On one write ¿Como se llama? on the other write Me llamo

Introducing Spanish - a simple game to get children using "Como se llama" and "Me llamo"

Me llamo game

Sit down together and read out the words on the two cars – se is pronounced “say” and the ll makes a y sound so yama and yamo.

Explain what the two phrases mean – ¿Como se llama?  – What is your name?  Me llamo – My name is

Hand over a set of toys – we used Star Wars Figures and Disney Figures that we could easily recognise and tell their names.

Introducing Spanish - a simple game to get children using "Como se llama" and "Me llamo"

I then asked ¿Como se llama? and J replied Me llamo Buzz Lightyear. We repeated this with the characters and then swapped him asking me and I replying.

Introducing Spanish - a simple game to get children using "Como se llama" and "Me llamo"

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  1. I think it’s terrific that you have decided to introduce a second language at home! We are contemplating to step up our efforts in German (my husband’s first language).

  2. What an awesome introduction to a new language! I’ll definitely have to give it a try with my girls.

  3. I *LOVE* how you made this into a game! Learning Spanish is one of my goals for this year too, and I’ve learned in the past that my kids need lots of games and silliness to make it work! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. What a wonderful game/ activity to play to explore another language! Very playful and simple that even a non-fluent speaker {like me!} could implement!

  5. I love this! As a fluent Spanish speaker who is always looking for fun ways to get my kids to speak Spanish I LOVE this idea! We are doing this at our house!

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