This months Virtual Book Club for Kids featured author is Margaret Wise Brown author of books like Goodnight Moon, The Important Book, The Runaway Bunny[affiliate links]. Like many authors we feature in the virtual book club for kids this is a new to me author and the children and I have really enjoyed discovering her books. Of the three books we have enjoyed The Runaway Bunny the most especially as we’re starting to get the first I’m running away from our eldest.

Matching pairs literacy game - inspired by Margaret Wise Brown's Book The Runaway Bunny

I love the idea of the matching pairs used in the book – like I’ll become to fish to get away and the mother bunny saying I’ll become the fisherman to catch you. Inspired by this I sat down and quickly made up a variation of the matching pairs games we play regularly but aimed at my eldest who is in year 1/grade 1 and a confident reader. This could easily be adapted to use with younger children using images instead of words.

Materials Needed

Marker Pen


Cut up the card into small cards that will fit on a one or 2 words for your child to read.

To the cards add matching words pairs – Day/Night, Pot/Oven, Winter/Snow, Acorn/Oak

Here’s the full list of the pairs that we used in our game you can use which every words you wish

  • Day/Night
  • Winter/Snow
  • Flower/Petal
  • Acorn/Oak
  • Winter/Snow
  • Fish/Fisherman
  • Pot/Oven
  • Beach/Sand
  • Ocean/Water
  • Frog/Tadpole
  • Table/Chair

Playing the game

One of my objectives was to get my son reading out the words either out loud by segmenting and blending or in his head so I set up the mix of the matching pairs and then explained that he had to find the pairs that go together giving him the example of Fish/Fisherman like in the book to start him off.

Matching pairs literacy game - inspired by Margaret Wise Brown's Book The Runaway Bunny

As he played he picked up each pair reading the words and then searching for something that would match with it in the pile of words on the table.

Matching pairs literacy game - inspired by Margaret Wise Brown's Book The Runaway Bunny

As we worked through it became easier for him and took less time to match up the pairs.

Matching pairs literacy game - inspired by Margaret Wise Brown's Book The Runaway Bunny

True to form he left Frog and Tadpole to last as his favourite animal.

Adaptation for younger and older kids

Younger kids –

Use images and pairs that they would be familiar with – opposites are a good starting point.

Older kids –

Add in extra processing by turning it into a memory game as well as matching pairs, extending their reading skills by adding in the component of remembering where the words are on the table.

Virtual Book Club for Kids Margaret Wise Brown

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