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Mary had a Little Lamb craft

With our farm themed books over the last couple of weeks and farm visits J is very into farm animals. We have also been singing some Animal rhymes to go along with these and the one that seems to have caught his imagination is “Mary had a little Lamb”. He will sing along with me, so when cousin Z visited I got out our craft supplies (and my beauty supplies) and we got making some little lambs.

Mary had a little lamb craftWhat you need to create our Little Lamb

Some cardboard (our was from a box that was going to be recycled)
PVA (white) glue
Black paper
Googley Eyes
Cotton wool

How you make the Little Lamb

little lamb craft
Z gluing his lamb cloud cutout

I cut out some basic “cloud” shapes – it was quick and really not precise, well sheep aren’t very neat really either. I also cut out some small rectangles for the legs and a sheep head shape from black paper to add to the decorated clouds to turn them into sheep.

Toddler using a glue stick
J using our new glue sticks

One of the things that I have recently purchased is some proper glue sticks – as you will have seen in most of our activities when we glue we have been using a paint brush but as J will hopefully be going to a pre-school in September I wanted to get him use to using glue sticks as well as they are more common for gluing that paint brushes. He loved gluing and liked the way that the glue sticks spread the glue compared to how he was painting it before.

Lamb craft
J making our lamb fluffy

To create a fluffy lamb we used cotton wool balls. J had great fun sticking them onto the cutout trying to cover all the available space as did Z adding the balls to his lamb as well.

To finish off the lambs we added a head to each lamb, some googly eyes and some legs and then let them dry.

Mary had a little lamb craft


  1. Too cute and there are baby animals in the fields everywhere at the moment!

    Thanks for sharing on Science Sparks.

    Kerry πŸ™‚

  2. Simple but effective sheep, Z and J really enjoyed making them. Z has his in his bedroom.

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