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Lonely Planet Kids – Animal Books

As a backpacker there was always one travel guide I took with me where ever I went. I now have a shelf full of them including ones that we bought as a family. It was always the Lonely Planet books. I was so happy when I discovered that they are now branching out and producing Lonely Planet Books for Kids and we managed to get our hands on some Animal Books and I handed them over to my eldest who is ANIMAL CRAZY to have a read and share his views with us here on Rainy Day Mum.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Lonely Planet Kids Books.

Lonely Planet Kids Books

We are huge fans of Non-Fiction books here, it’s been one of the ways to get my eldest to read, he always wanted to know “why” or “what” so reading through the non-fiction books that we have and now he frequently spends his pocket money on more non-fiction books too.

The Lonely Planet Kids Books cover a huge variety of topics – from the travel guides that you would expect to natural history, geography and even activity books perfect for road trips. You can find the full selection of books on the Lonely Planet Kids Website as well as a selection of activities to enjoy together and a blog with fun post for families to read, learn and find out more together.

Oh and another thing before I look at the book in-depth – Anyone signing up to the Lonely Planet Kids newsletter gets 30% off their first Lonely Planet Kids purchase – in addition to a dose of inspiring family travel articles, fun activity sheets and news which is a fantastic deal and the newsletters are great to share and inspire.

The Animal Book

I blame myself completely (although it makes me very happy too) that my eldest is animal mad. From a very young age he’s wanted to learn more and more about animals from reading storybooks about creatures like Bugs and Butterflies or Dinosaurs to picking up some of my encyclopedia’s and non-fiction books that I collected over the years to do with the animals that I worked with.

At the age that he is we have difficulty finding books that aren’t a new copy of a book that we already have, is way to basic for him, or that are too in-depth. The Animal Book from Lonely Planet is a perfect bridge between the too easy or too in-depth and provides information covering a wide range of animals on the planet.

With a combination of illustrations, pictures and information including key facts on each of the animals that give information about why animals may be endangered, what conservation efforts there may be in place and accurate information about lifespans, size and even the scientific name.

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Verdict from J

I really like this book because the illustrations and real pictures are great and it contains lots of information in it. I know my mum likes it because it also contains information about the Leatherback Sea Turtle that she worked with before I was born.

The contents is made up of animals from each of the contents so I can have a look about animals from one area all together and all of the ocean animals are together too.

I really liked finding out more about why animals were endangered or threatened. It had a lot more information that some of my books and more than we get when we visit the zoo as well. I would say that children that like animals would like this book.


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