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Simple Fingerprint Ladybird Craft for Toddlers to Make

If one of our favourite bugs is the ladybird, this simple toddler craft is so easy to make and although you do end up with a ladybird at the end your tot will have fun getting creative and using the sensory experience of finger painting. So here we go our Ladybird Craft for Toddlers.

toddler craft ideas fingerprint ladybirds on rainy day mum
Fingerprint Ladybird craft for Toddlers

Easy Ladybird Craft for Toddlers to Make

When my youngest was born she was tiny and J took to calling her the T Bug. It stuck and J became obsessed with ladybirds because of it.

One of the first crafts we did with him was to make some Fingerprinted Ladybirds. These were so simple but fun to do.

What you need to make some ladybirds with your toddlers

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How you make the ladybird craft with your toddler

Simple toddler and baby craft that you can do at home - finger print ladybugs.
draw shapes of ladybugs onto red paper

Because of the age of my children I prepared some ladybird shapes beforehand starting on red paper I drew different sizes of ladybird body shapes but if you have older children you could get them to draw the shapes themselves and then cut it out.

Then I cut them out and stuck them onto black paper

Simple toddler and baby craft that you can do at home - finger print ladybugs.
place and glue onto black paper now draw head shapes for the ladybirds
Simple toddler and baby craft that you can do at home - finger print ladybugs.
Cut out around the ladybirds

On the black paper, I drew a head shape and cut out the whole body and head together.

I then drew a grass scene on A3 paper and will put the finished ladybirds on the paper to create a scene.

I put my toddler into his high chair to do the decorating and gave him a selection of paints (red, black and white this time) as well as a lid off of a bottle and a paint dabber. He then went to work in his own way.

Simple toddler and baby craft that you can do at home - finger print ladybugs.
Toddler creating finger painted ladybirds using black fingerprints

I then hung them up on the drying rack and once dry added them to the grass scene that I had drawn earlier. Tomorrow when he wakes up we will add some other bits to the picture that he wants to add probably some stickers of ants and stars as those seem to be his current favourites.

Simple toddler and baby craft that you can do at home - finger print ladybugs.
Ladybird fingerpainting craft for toddlers

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Simple toddler and baby craft that you can do at home - finger print ladybugs.
Simple Toddler Craft to Make Fingerprint Ladybugs
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  1. Such a good way of understanding the ways of using little hands and makign them flexible. And to learn a bit more about this magical insect 🙂
    Lovely greetings, Angelique and the WorldAnimalDay organisation

  2. Oooh these are VERY cute! Love how you let your little one get on with it and the finger paint! Perfect!

    Thanks for linking to Kids Get Crafty!


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