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Knights Castles and Dragons

Activities for young tots that are based around knights, castles and dragons from Rainy Day Mum

Childhood is wonderful and bringing stories alive through crafts and activities is by far our favourite way to engage with early literacy. Last week saw the first ever Poppins Book Nook and it was wonderful to see so many of the activities linked up to Tuesday Tots so this week I’m featuring Knights Castles and Dragons Activities based on books brought to live by the bloggers of the Poppins Books Nook that linked up to Tuesday Tots.

Fantastic Fun with Learning read the book The Queen of France and shared how to make a fabulous rose crown and going on a rose hunt – wonderful to see the blooms in the photo’s on the blog and such a fun activity involving different sense pop on by and find out how to make the crown.

Over on The Usual Mayhem they got crafty with St George and the Dragon (fantastic book for April for children to read in April in England) and made wonderful Dragon puppets and a castle.

Exploring the deeper meaning of a book Life with Moore babies used fizzing rock treasures to explore how it’s not what is on the outside that counts but the beauty lies deep within a fantastic activity to go along with the book The Paper Bag Princess.

Another St George and the dragon activity this time a DIY St George and the Dragon felt board from Royal Baloo to explore the story with.

Exploring castle in more detail B-Inspired Mama explored some non-fiction books with her children and produced a shape castle – I love the drawing in the castle window as well.

Teach beside me formed a whole unit around St George and the Dragon providing me with lots of inspiration for introducing the story to J and T before St George’s Day on 23rd April with crafts and activities to explore the book and story.

the knight and the dragon activities

We read the book Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the tale of two treasures and recreated our knights helmet and shield for Sir Charlie Stinky Socks to wear.

Such fabulous activities to bring alive books about knights castles and dragons.

 We’re getting very excited about this months theme Wizards and are enjoying exploring some new authors from the library trying to find the perfect book for us to get magical with. Check back late this month to find out what we will be doing to bring a Wizard Book Alive for the Poppins Book Nook.


  1. This Poppins Book Nook was so much fun. Thanks for sharing some of the best activities from it. And for including our shape castle!

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