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King’s Crown

One of J’s favourite songs of the moment is Jack and Jill and he loves the bit about Jack falling down and breaking his crown (I didn’t want to tell him that it meant his head), combined with the fact that it is Coronation time in the UK we decided to make a crown fit for a King that Jack could have worn as well.

Crown craft

What you need to make a crown

Piece of Mirror Card
Sticky Tape
Tissue Paper in vibrant colours

How we made our crown

Using mirror card I cut a very rough zigzag in the middle of the card and then joined the two pieces together at one end with glue and sticky tape. I did the cutting as J hasn’t mastered scissors yet and the card is quite thick with older children you could get them to cut out the shape them selves.

making jewels from tissue paper
J loves scrunching tissue paper into balls

Searching through my craft stash I discovered we had no jewels so instead of stopping and going to buy some we decided to make our own. We have got some very vibrant tissue paper and together we tore it into strips and then J scrunched it into balls.

making a crown
Gluing the jewels to add to the crown

He then stuck on the jewels to the crown – lots of stained fingers from the glue and tissue paper mixing – but it was wonderful to hear him chatter about the colours, what he was doing singing Jack and Jill and telling me he was going to be the King of the castle and I could wear it as well and be the Queen.

We left our crown to dry as rather a lot of glue was used and then I stuck it together with some glue and sticky tape. J has spent the afternoon wearing his hat and T has stolen it off him a number of times to wear as well.

J wearing his crown

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  1. So cute and so nice to see arts and crafts being such a big part of the Jubilee

  2. A very lovely crown! This is something my daughter would love to make.

  3. What a wonderful crown! Your tissue jewels would be so much easier to work with than flat jewels for my son.

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