We enjoyed exploring Mondrian in May and June so we’ve now switched to a new artist and with J’s obsession with Frogs and Ponds still going strong (1 and a half years and counting πŸ™‚ ) Monet was the perfect candidate for our Artist this time.

monet for preschoolers

This time we found a book suitable for J and I to read together and we sat and read about Monet and Katie and her exploration of some of his paintings.

 We also looked at images of Monet Paintings on the Internet and J was adamant that his favourite was the waterlily pond. So we set about creating our own Monet Inspired Artwork.

I have wanted to do some Resist painting with J for a while and after seeing tape resist Monet on The Crafty Classroom I was inspired to do our own version using a Wax resist technique that I remember from school.

What you need to make a Wax Resist Monet inspired painting

Water colour paints (I watered down ready mix paint)
White paper
White Wax Crayon
Paint Brushes

How you make a Wax Resist Monet Inspired Painting

J and I had decided that we wanted a Waterlily inspired painting – and it had to have a bridge (we live near a railway bridge so he’s very into bridges at the moment). To make it easier and make sure that the wax resist worked I drew a very rough sketch of the bridge and went over it and over it and over it with the wax crayon

wax resist paintingJ helped me mix up some of our ready mix paints into water paints (I need to get hold of some powder paints so that we can do this more often as he really liked discovering the picture underneath his painting) and then J set to work painting. He decided like our pond he wanted pink/red water lilies under the bridge and had to have a lot of green.

wax resist painting inspired by monetAs he discovered the bridge he added more colour to the painting and also explored dripping the paint on once the paper was wet. It was lovely to see him explore different painting techniques to make a picture that he knew was inspired by a real artist.

wax resist paintingHe is very proud of his art work and it has been kept out of reach of T who at the moment is a paper destroyer.

Monet Inspired wax resist painting for preschoolers

Cerys Parker

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  1. I love how you totally made this suited to his level and interest. Monet is one of my favorite artists – I find his painting so calming and peaceful and love the colors, etc.

    We are hoping to spend some time studying his work next go round. πŸ™‚

  2. This is such a great project for a younger kid! He must have loved it when the bridge started magically appearing. We’ll have to try this one.

  3. I have never done was resist with my kids either!! Must give it a try. And I can relate to the paper destroyer… we have lost a few precious artworks because they weren’t put out of the reach of the little one!!

    Great project.

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