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Jungle books

This week it’s a Jungle Theme for the books, we have a couple of CD’s with some children’s music on and in particular J is loving the songs about the jungle so what better way to continue with this but to introduce some Jungle books this week.

Our first book is the Animal Boogie – we love this book and have the copy with the CD which is requested almost hourly – it only has 4 tracks on it 2 of which are an introduction and a good bye but the middle 2 tracks are J’s favourite. Watch out in the coming weeks for a couple of activities based on this book as it’s such a fun read and great pictures as well.

Another book with a great rhythm to it for our second choice this week. Walking Through the Jungle is a really nice read for young children and J quickly has picked up which animals are next and even though he knows – he still acts surprised with what animal appears next.

This book is for T more than J, Say Hello to the Jungle Animals is a very easy book the version that we have is touchy feeley so that each animal’s skin has a texture to it – whilst we read it we touch the pages and feel the different textures. We love the way that each animal is introduced and then the animals sounds repeated as well. T has got the Roar down just needs to work on the fact that every animal doesn’t roar.

If you have never read any Giles Andreae books then Rumble in the Jungle is a great one to start off with. A collection of short poems about the jungle animals that you meet along the way with tigers and chimps. We love the illustrations by David Wojtowycz and the first few pages of the book remind us of our animal skins that we made a couple of weeks ago.

 Our last book is an Amazon adventure – We’re Roaming in the Rainforest. I love this book as it brings me back to the time that I spent living in Costa Rica and all the animals that I was surrounded by every day. When we’ve been reading it I talk to J about the animals and add bits to it about what the rainforest sounds like and smells like. Bringing the whole thing to life.


  1. We also love the Animal Boogie. Great selection. Thanks for linking up to Book Sharing Monday.

  2. Great choices for the jungle theme. And look at all the bright colours! Look forward to reading about your activities for Animal Boogie. Living in Costa Rica! sounds amazing. Our back garden wildlife isn’t quite as exciting but I now have a newt in our pond. Quite exciting!

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