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Edible Sensory Play for Babies who put everything in their mouths

Just wait while I do a little dance around the room – last week was HOT HOT HOT and sunny in the UK (the week after I wrote the 101+ ideas for a Rainy Day – typical!)

Summer time sensory play

So we got out in the garden and I set up some sensory play in the shade – now I will put my hands up and say that Yes I do do Messy Play inside the house but I have to sit on my hands to stop myself going “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooo don’t move off the messy mat” etc… but in the garden I’m much more relaxed.

I set up the paddling pool as well which was great and then put a messy mat underneath one of our trees in the shade and set up mixing some instant pudding and adding some ice cubes to it. With a tray set up I set it on the mat and watched what happen.

Edible sensory play for toddlers

T was content to mix up the ice cubes with the pudding and then take them to the pool. J on the other hands LOVED it – he discovered putting his feet in it

Instant pudding and ice sensory play

Sitting in it and then sliding on it – remember from your own childhood the joy of sliding down a plastic sheet with water on it – well the instant pudding and ice cubes create the same effect on the messy mat and J and in the end T spent a lot of time sliding along it and ending up bumping onto their bottoms laughing – then running and jumping in the pool to clean off and get wet again.

Whole body sensory play


  1. Looks like butterscotch flavour – my favourite.

    This looks lots of fun! Much better in the garden too.

    Thanks for linking to the Sunday Showcase

  2. That sounds lovely 🙂 ice cubes are a good idea for sensory play!And I have just had my own idea of adding them to our outside water tray!Better clean it out first tho,the rain has wrecked it! Great photos as well

  3. What delightfully messy play, all so easy when it is in the garden! Thanks for linking up.

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