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How to Play Elevens Card Game

One of the essentials I have for camping with kids is a pack of playing cards. As many of the campsites we visit haven’t got electricity it’s a great activity to do solo or as a family. Because we all need a little space sometimes one of the first games I taught my kids to play was Elevens. This simple, fun, educational card game for kids is one that they are going to pick up quickly, helps with their maths and that they are going to succeed with more times than fail which is a good start for playing solitaire type games. So here we go How to Play Elevens with Playing Cards.

how to play elevens with kids

Elevens Solitaire Game for Kids

This game works on a 3 x 3 grid that you make with the cards and the purpose of the game is to use all of your cards by matching 2 or 3 of the playing cards together.

You don’t have to keep it just for camping it’s also a great rainy day game to teach the kids.

What you will need to play Elevens

A pack of playing cards minus the jokers

How to play Elevens

  1. Shuffle your pack so it’s mixed.
  2. Then deal out face up 9 cards in a 3 x 3 arrangement setting up the deck for a game of elevens solitaire for kids
  3. Match up pairs that make 11 (or the 3 royal cards) by placing cards from your pack on top of them kid placing cards down in a game of elevens

You win the game when you have no more cards left to use.

A quick check that no cheating happened when your kids play Elevens

a loosing game of elevens

Growing up my brother was a bit of a cheater and we quickly discovered he would cheat at Elevens so we discovered that when all of the cards had gone the remain cards in the 9 would form pairs, or triples to make 11.

a winning game of elevens

So check your kids aren’t like my brother and pick up the pairs to make 11 if you have more than 1 card left over then someone has been cheating!

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  1. I’m a little confused! I got out the deck and tried to play but still not figuring it out. So in my initial deal, there were no 5’s or 6’s dealt out. So how will I ever play a 5 or 6 from my hand?

    1. As you cover the first set of numbers that make 11 – 9+2, 8+3, 7+4, or the J,K,Q the 6 will appear and you will be able to cover the 5 or vice versa that way you continue covering until all have gone from your hand.

  2. Blimey – this is a blast from the past! I remember playing this many moons ago!

    1. It’s a lot of fun! My kids are loving it apparently it’s RETRO!!!

      1. I’m not sure? I must have missed something? Seems like a great fun game but not understanding how to match up your cards to add to 11? Must admit, I was not a card player but do see the advantages of it now 🙂

        1. Hi, so ace is 1 and all face cards need to be matched together. J, K, Q form 11 all the rest form 11 as normal.

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