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Horrible Geography Box Set For Kids

If I could tell you one thing today that you can encourage your kids to do to help them most in the future for education is to read around a subject. Not just the books that are recommended by a syllabus or teacher but whatever else they can find on it. You may have heard of the Horrible History series, but did you know there is also a Horrible Geography Series?

review of the horrible geography box set of books for kids from rainy day mum and books2door

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Horrible Geography Collection

Horrible Geography is a collection of 12 books from Books2Door that cover the physical side of geography for kids in the same fun way that the Horrible History series does.

collection of fun geography themed books in a box set the Horrible Geography collection from Books2Door

Each book in the 12 book collection focuses on one area from Peaks to Ocean or Rainforests to Desserts. They are covered in detail but with a mix of comic illustrations (great for my youngest that loves the graphic novel style) to detailed explanations of them.

We already have the Horrible History and Horrible Science collections (which we purchased ourselves in 2020 from Books2Doors) and these books follow a familiar format for us and are ideal for extending the knowledge both for our eldest who is in school and youngest who we home educator.

Looking for more books about Geography check out our selection of books about Volcanoes and Earthquakes which includes 2 from this set!

The Books in the Collection

one of the many box sets available from Books2Door that can be used to read around school subjects with kids the horrible Geography set include earthquakes, volcanoes and storms amongst other books

The Horrible Geography collection features the following subjects, each book devoted to it.

  • Odious Oceans
  • Stormy Weather
  • Violent Volcanoes
  • Desperate Deserts
  • Earth-Shattering Earthquakes
  • Raging Rivers
  • Bloomin’ Rainforests
  • Freaky Peaks
  • Perishing Poles
  • Wild Islands
  • Monster Lakes
  • Cracking Coasts

Inside Violent Volcanoes and Wild Islands

At the moment in geography, history and science we have a theme of Mesoamerica from volcanoes and Mayans to the Galapagos Islands and evolution so 2 of the books in the collection are perfect for incorporating into our morning read aloud books as we study in more depth and read around the subjects.

Each book is divided into multiple chapters that we either read in order which is what we are doing with the Violent Volcano Book or we use the “Horrible Index” something that is carried over from the other 2 box sets we have and find the specific areas related to our topics.

The Wild Islands for example has a full section about the Galapagos Islands that goes into detail about Charles Darwin and the Finches, including my daughter’s favourite bit a letter from him to his cousin from aboard HMS Beagle.

It’s such a fun presentation of the facts combined with a jolly good laugh that I’m finding my daughter is connecting the bits, improving her knowledge and extending her vocabulary way more than just by teaching facts to her.

Why Read Aloud to Tweens and Teens

read aloud selection for geography with upper primary and ks3 pupils the horrible geography books

As a home educator and teacher I know that reading aloud to my kids – yes even when they can read to themselves is one of the best things that we can do as parents to help them academically in the future.

It helps build vocabulary, I’m often stopped and asked what a word means or how to spell it. Research shows that hearing someone else speak, read aloud combined with doing is the best way to learn new facts and information. Reading alone takes in a huge amount, but speaking increases that and listening to it increases it further.

On one of the local school visits for secondary I was amazed that the school has a similar philosophy and of the 5 English lessons a week 2 are devoted to reading, with the teacher reading aloud to the students and then discussing the books in more detail.

Why Buy Box Sets?

At first, when the kids were little and we wanted to read a lot of books by different authors I never bought box sets. I bought individual books and may buy one by the same author a year or two later.

However, as I have discovered as they get older box sets make a lot of sense. A couple of times I have bought the first book in a series the kids have loved it, they have been hooked and want to read more.

one of the box sets of bestseller books available from Books2Door in the UK the collection of 12 books in the Horrible Geography Series

Brilliant, I check out Books2Door, discover there is a box set and buy it, it’s cheaper than buying each individual book. However, then I end up with 2 copies of the first book in the series.

Now, we utilise our library for the first book in the series, and then I head over to the site and browse. There are so many amazing sets for all age ranges (including me!) that I’m saving money and encouraging my kids to read.

To give you an idea here’s just a few of the box sets that we have personally bought from there in the last couple of years

  • Percy Jackson Series
  • Kane Chronicles
  • Diary of a Whimpy Kid
  • Tom Gates Series 1 and 2
  • Horrible Science
  • Beastquest
  • Shakespeare Stories
  • Usborne History
  • The Princess Diaries
  • Alesha Dixon’s Dance Series

From books for your toddler and preschooler through learning to read with popular phonics series through to young adult novels there is a whole range of bestsellers that you can choose from.

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Geography Books for Kids to cover physical geography with a Horrible Geography collection

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