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10+ Healthy Picnic Recipes for Families

Last week I shared some great ideas for getting active with the kids as part of the #WomanKind campaign with weight watchers which is all about getting active and having fun together as a family. Knowing how much fun you will have it’s a great idea to pack a picnic to take with you – but instead of the packets of crisps, some chocolate, and soggy sandwiches there are a few healthy treats that you can make in advance that the whole family will enjoy. Here’s 10 of our favourite Healthy Picnic Recipes for Families.

Fabulous healthy picnic recipes for families to take out with them on a day out, getting active and having fun with the kids.


Wraps are always a good meal idea for the kids – our lettuce wraps are a healthy alternative with no carbs and you can fill the wraps with whatever you want making them ideal for fussy kids and adventurous adults as well or how about trying some Mexican Chicken Wraps from Weight Watchers perfect for making up in advance putting in the cool bag and enjoying out on the picnic blanket. Just one more wrap recipe because I really couldn’t resist making this after seeing it on Pinterest Strawberry Chicken and Bacon Spinach Wraps with a Poppy Seed Dressing from Creme de la Crumb.


Our favourite thing to bring to a picnic is some salads – perfect for eating cold the Quinoa Lunch we made is easy and again like our Lettuce Wraps you can add the ingredients you want to but, salads for your picnic don’t stop there why not try a BLT Pasta Salad combining one of my favourite sandwich fillings but in a much healthier alternative to the farmhouse white loaf I love it with. I love cheese and I know it’s not strictly healthy but a small amount of it isn’t that bad for you and this Beetroot, orange and feta Salad combines some fantastic flavours in a healthy salad.

Sweet Treats

No picnic is complete without some sweet treats to take with you and these can be healthy as well – our no sugar oatmeal cookies are perfect for packing away with you although probably better as a snack between playing. There are plenty of healthy cakes, fruit salads and treats you can take with you. Our fruit swords and fairy wands are always a hit when we take them on a picnic – just remember to dispose of the skewers safely better still take them home with you at the end of the picnic and throw away there. My favourite healthy cake and it is SOooooo delicious is brownies – yes brownies made with beetroot – don’t worry you can’t taste it but these ones made with honey and dried dates are super tasty. My other favourite cake is a carrot cake – and my recipe isn’t healthy at all but there are healthy alternatives that are just delicious – check out these healthy Carrot Cake Muffins perfect for packing for your picnic. For those not wanting cakes – you could make up these fruit cones and hand out ones to the family as well.

#WomanKind Campaign with Weight Watchers UK

One of the things about us as Mum’s and the head of the families is that we often focus on the happiness of everyone else at the expense of ourselves and we end up in a vicious circle of getting more and more negative. The #WomanKind campaign with Weight Watchers UK is focusing on the power of positivity (you can find out more about the campaign and other ideas for getting active, having fun and being healthy with your families by following the hashtag across social media), you know those times when you have decided to get healthy, lose weight or improve your figure just because someone said you about it, it’s negative from the start, the whole process is hard work and it really doesn’t have to be. Starting off with positivity because believe me you CAN do it  and having fun and being positive along the way is the way to go. Check out how much difference being positive can be with this video from Weight Watchers UK it’s amazing having a positive attitude the woman in the video ran 5km 21% faster than when listening to those negative thoughts.

This is a sponsored post for the #WomanKind Campaign with Weight Watchers UK

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Fabulous healthy picnic recipes for families to take out with them on a day out, getting active and having fun with the kids.

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Fabulous healthy picnic recipes for families to take out with them on a day out, getting active and having fun with the kids.

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