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Fun Halloween Maths Activities for Preschool

Are you looking for some fun maths activities for your preschoolers and early years kids to do this year for Halloween? We have a great selection to pick from covering numbers including ordinal numbers and shape work so check out these Hands-on Maths Activities for Halloween to try with your kids.

collage of Halloween Fun Math Activities for Preschooler created for use on Pinterest. Image shows a pumpkin counting activity, bat number game, playdough, pumpkin shape cards and more

Maths Ideas for Halloween

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Getting hands-on, playing games and having fun is the best way to give your kids a great beginning with maths. These ideas and activities are simple and easy (although some do take a little prep on your part but then are reusable) for your kids. Some are creative, others combine with fine motor skills and all can be easily adapted for extending further.

So here we go simple Maths Ideas for Halloween.

Check out these other ideas for Toddler and Preschool Maths Games and Activities to try.

Pumpkin Number Line

What better way than to get your kids to create their own number line for Halloween with this fun art and maths activity. Stamp the pumpkins (check out the best way to get them done and our handy tip by clicking on the link below the image) then add in the numbers, you can count to however many you want. Why not then hang them up for your kids to see.

Preschooler reading the numbers from a DIY pumpkin number line she made for Halloween maths.

Find out how to make and use these fun maths activities for Halloween with our DIY Pumpkin Number Line.

If you use any of these ideas we would love to see them, don’t forget to tag @rainydaymum so we can!

Pumpkin Playdough Counting Cards

Looking for a printable activity then our Pumpkin Playdough Counting Cards are ideal!

counting 3 pumpkins from playdough to match the number on the counting card

You can make up your own autumn-scented playdough to use with the cards and set up a maths tray or centre for your kids to practice their 1 to 1 counting by creating little mini playdough pumpkins to match the numbers on the card.

Pumpkin Count and Clip Cards

Clipping the correct number on a set of printable jack-o-lantern count and clip cards for toddlers and preschoolers.

Our FREE printable Pumpkin count and clip cards are fantastic for helping your little learners to practice their counting of numbers 1 to 5. If they have moved past that don’t worry a full set of over 80 cards can be found in our store just click to discover our Jack-o-Lantern Count and Clip Cards Numbers 1 to 10.

Pumpkin Shape Game

Another pumpkin activity, how about playing a shape game with your kids for Halloween.

playing games for some halloween maths. printable pumpkin shape card game to learn shapes and practice taking turns as well as work on cognitive skills.

This pumpkin shape card game is great for working on recognition of the different shapes and turn taking, you can use it to play snap or how about as a memory game turning over the cards to find the matching one.

Bat Number Line

printable bats with numbers on for a fun maths activity for halloween.

Are you fed up with pumpkins everywhere, don’t worry we have a fun alternative this Bat Number Line Printable is great for using instead.

bat themed maths game for halloween to play with preschoolers matching the spots on the dice to the spots on the bat to work on recognition of numbers in patterns

Cut them up and use them as cards to order the numbers or grab a dice and match the spots to the cards and then to the number bats.

Witchy Ordinal Number Activity

One of our favourite books to read for Halloween is Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson and it’s the perfect book to practice ordinal numbers with for Halloween.

room on the broom themed maths activity for preschoolers to learn ordinal numbers

Can your child order the characters onto the broom in 1st, 2nd etc… Why not find the printable as well as how to use this fun Room on the Broom Maths Activity for Halloween.

Love to read, why not match these activities with some books to share find our pick of the best Halloween books for preschoolers here!

Pumpkin Patch Number Game

This pumpkin patch maths activity for Halloween will take you a little time to create, but it is so versatile.

child using a diy pumpkin patch maths game working on recognition of numerals, number bonds and more with this halloween activity

Whether your child is just learning to read the numbers or you can use it for addition, number bonds or get them to multiply the same board can be used time and time again.

DIY Pumpkin Maths Book

diy pumpkin maths book for preschoolers to make and read for Halloween a preschooler is counting out the pumpkins she's placed to match the magnetic number on the game

Kids love to read and create and you can combine this with some fun maths for a not too spooky time this Halloween. This DIY Five Little Pumpkins Book for Preschoolers to make is great as they then have their own book they can read and sing the rhyme with.

Do you love the Five Little Pumpkins song, looking for more to sing then why not check out our Halloween Rhymes and Songs for more inspiration!

Halloween Maths Activities for Older Kids

Whether you’ve got older kids or more find maths easier these other fun maths activities are great for this time of the year.

Pinterest image for Fun and Simple Halloween Math For Preschoolers collage of the different images featuring pumpkins, witches and bats

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