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Growing Carrots from Seeds

The garden is warming up and we’ve started planting out in the beds. Some carrots seem a perfect idea as both of my kids will eat them so with 2 varieties – an Early and a Autumn we should be covered throughout the year (we’ll get some more to plant in Autumn to overwinter).

Growing Carrots from seeds - gardening with kids

With a seed bed prepared in advance the weeds removed and soil raked the kids (2 and 3 and a half) were able to set about planting the seeds with minimal help (a hand to hold seeds and sprinkle some more in ensuring that the area was covered.

Whilst you are growing the seeds why not read a book about seeds with your toddlers and preschoolers.

Growing Carrots from seeds - gardening with kids
Carrots can take a while to grow but there are a whole range of other seeds which are fast growing and perfect to use with kids check out our quick growing seed recommendations.

The kids use our seed dibbers to make a suitable trench or the seeds to go into. I know that they will over fill the trench with seeds but that is perfect for some thinning out later in the seasons.

Growing Carrots from seeds - gardening with kids

The easiest way for young children to get the seeds into the trenches is to have the seeds on your hand and for them to pick them up from there to sprinkle into the trench to grow. Once the seeds are in the trenches cover up with soil and then water.

Growing Carrots from seeds - gardening with kids

We have child sizes watering cans – see our equipment list for little green fingers for our recommendations they are traditional metal cans and perfect for little hands to carry even when full of water. Once the seeds were covered they filled up the cans from the water butt and watered them in.

Growing Carrots from seeds - gardening with kids

Using homemade seed labels we marked what was in the rows and now they will grow.

Growing carrots from seed is a great activity for young children to do – as you can see little support is necessary and they can then tend to and have responsibility for their seeds over the growing time.

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